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Default Mana/Life Potion price check

Hello darlings.

Have you ever wondered for what price you should sell your potions? Or whether the price on broker is too high?

Well, there are always kind NPCs you can ask!

For Asmos it's Funen in Dragonrest Temple and for Elyos it's Soria in Aequis Headquarters. Their prices might differ based on influence ratio, but not too much.

PS: this looked like that kind of information anyone could find ten times already, but after seeing broker prices on most of servers, I decided to share.

PPS: if there are any catches to this, please correct me.
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Default Re: Mana/Life Potion price check

Siel Elyos influence ratio tab: Prices 104% / Tax 10%

Superior Life / Mana Potions sell for 6,150 kinah from NPCs.

The trade brokers charges a listing fee of (2.2% * Prices value * (1 + tax)) = 2.5168% of asking price.

With this influence ratio, cost to list such potions on the broker is 6,304.78 kinah. (cost of goods sold, if they actually get sold)
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Default Re: Mana/Life Potion price check

Hi, I make a lot of Recovery Serums & Potions (HP+MP) not on Siel, very expensive and still difficult to keep up the supply. I also re-sell the potions to make them available for ppl that don't know the NPC, not really interested in profit, each does occupy 1of10 broker slots, have to re-stock when sold etc happy for under-bidders. Post 4.9 mats avalability very limited, hope NC planned this - At least I get heaps of kinah lol.

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