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Cool Rebel Uprising - Elyos legion

Looking for a legion to kick back in while you level up and run stuff with? Or are you just looking for a legion so you have something under your name that sounds cool? Have no fear, Rebel Uprising is here. We're a new legion that will be mainly PvE focused with a little PvP too. This is an English speaking guild so if you join keep conversations in English please.

Anyway, if you're interested in joining all you have to do is be on the standard server and press G. This will bring up Legion finder. Next type in Rebel or Rebel Uprising and then where you see us listed, click "Join Now" and POOF you're in the legion. I'm keeping it on open enlistment for the time being. If I find we get too many or any gold sellers then I'll change that but right now I'm keeping it open so we can get more people who want to join.

If you want a promotion out of Volunteer then send a mail to Plezure and I'll promote you out of the initial rank. We will have a Legion Warehouse that I plan on stocking with manastones and various stuff that you might need.

Thanks for your time & hope to see you in game.

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