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Default Flatlined Legion Recrutiment

Legion: Flatlined
Server: Beritra
Faction: Asmo
Leader: RandomBunny
Co-leaders: Nineteen,Amarah,Neve, Soozisaurux,Camhora
Legion Goals: Pvp,Stonespear Siege,EB

Hello and welcome to all new/returning/experienced players of Aion to the Beritra Asmo side.

A little about Flatlined,
-A few of us are from Tiamat Elyos faction and have been friends for 3-4 years.
- We are a mature older legion with a goofy sense of humor.
- Due to Black Desert + Blade & Soul, our numbers have decreased quite a bit.
-We are ranked 15 currently but recognize rank does not mean skill.
- We enjoy free ranged pvp & working towards the Stonespear Sieges that encourage more pvp.
-We use Discord as a voice chat site, but it is not mandatory unless you pvp with the legion.
- We speak English and most of us are from North America but we do have over 5 members from European countries.
-We are not elitests. A few are experienced and happy to share knowledge or tips to newer members.
-We boot inactives after 14 days unless told otherwise (busy life,medical leave, mini break etc.) Old Members are welcome back if they decide to play regularly again.

- We seek 50+ of any class. (Level cap due to pvp/end game focus. Besides, it's boring to level alone in a legion thats all 65).
*Mostly in need of Cloth DPS/Chanters/Templars*
- Gear is not required nor being experienced.
-Maturity is a must! No rubbish talk of others or drama.
- Prefer members who enjoy PVP since its most of what we like to do as a legion.
-English speaking.

Feel free to whisper RandomBunny any time about the legion if you have any questions or comments. We are a long lasting legion no matter how small or big we get.

Flatlined---> Ultimate Resort & Spa

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Default Re: Flatlined Legion Recrutiment

For an English speaking group of people...these people are very helpful and nice. I may come back to the game just because of them !!

Seriously, I've not met a nicer/more helpful group of people in any game.

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