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Default PvE Stigmas

Hello, I'm new to AT.

Would someone please give me a link to a good stigma build for PvE.

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Default Re: PvE Stigmas

I am a new Aethertech as well, so other experts can correct me if I'm wrong. It depends on what you want to do in PVE:

If you want single target DPS build, go with single target stigma (Meteor Strike, Rain of Knuckles). If you want some AOE DPS coverage, add the AOE stigmas (Riplash, Ravager Cannon). Don't forget DPS booster (Aethercharged Steel)

PVE Tank
If you want to tank, include tanking stigmas (Kinetic Bulwark, Trauma Plate) with the rest DPS stigmas to keep agro

PVE Solo
If you want solo PVE build, on top of DPS skills, you need some survivability skills and utility skills to help you solo elites

I would love to know if any experts want to share if there is hybrid build that is good enough for PVE~
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Default Re: PvE Stigmas

I wouldn't call myself expert but here's buids I've gathered for PvE:
PvE Single Target/Solo build:
All the stigmas are either high damage or directed at single-targets with the off-chance you might need some AoE crowd control or damage in general.
PvE AoE DPS Grp build:
full AoE stigmas with max effect for a build directed to hit as many targets as possible doing highest damage possible on them.
PvE Tank Build mostly directed at Single Target tanking:
Full Tank spec directed at single target with the off-chance you might need to hit multiple targets while having your mana shields up witht he ability to actually keep the mana up w/o Songweaver available.

All 3 builds are what I've figured out for myself from observing the class while playing it. right now I'm 3.9k MB after food/candy and doing about 4-4.5k DPS solo/group regardless of spec unless it's AoE tanking then the dps skyrocket higher.
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