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Default Re: Am I a bad Chanter? - small rant/vent

Originally Posted by Amasia - Tiamat View Post
Each pvp is slightly different and as a chanter you job is to adapt to the situation. Once the enemy group realizes they have a chanter that knows what they are doing you then become public enemy #1.

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This this this so much this. I love/hate when the opposing group finally realizes that I actually do know what the hell I'm doing and they start trying to focus me down. I also try to keep certain skills off CD in case the cleric does go down, cuz once they do you are next in line of fire usually (or you end up being the only one in your group still alive cuz chanters get ignored to hell and back).
I binding word all physical classes. If I see the SM trying to cast fear then I spit out stun or go slap with my mace (which has a para GS on it). I occasionally switch to staff when something needs to die faster or it's almost dead. I'm often the only one in group that doesn't get feared, so I use block curtain so my group doesn't go down and focus heal the cleric.

The majority of chanters will tell you otherwise, but I personally believe that there's no better PvE support set for a chanter than a solid, thoroughly socketed and decently enchanted DPS set. In the past, you could get away with just turtling in an HP set, rotating between your 3 healing spells and popping buffs when needed.
Not going to lie, I sometimes heal in my dps set because I have almost the same amount of HP. I have an enchanted IO set and get around 22.9k HP with 220 heal boost. In my dps set I'm skimming 19.7-20.5k HP. I only switch back unless nyerk gets real. But when I duo grinding mobs with a friend, I use my dps set without rage spell.
"I am the melody of your demise."

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