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Default How Can I better my SW

This is a question regarding my lvl 42 SW (since I'm still a newbie to the game)
I was wondering how I can better my SW, since she's quite weak in PvP and PvE, and I thinking should I just give up my SW or not.
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Default Re: How Can I better my SW

at 42 you will be weak, mages tend to shine at a higher lvl, when you hit 45 you will start getting better skills+stigmas, a lot of it is learning the diff rotations when fighting diff classes
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Default Re: How Can I better my SW

Level to 65 and the game will be more fun. Low level in aion is ruined and sux cuz they have fast track now so. It is a good thing also but imo it ruined a very good thing on aion.
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