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Default Updated Plume Guide & FAQ

What is a Plume?
The Plume is an accessory that has a separate equipment slot and appears on the side of your character’s head. With the update to Echoes of Eternity on August 24, a +10 Plume can now be purified into the new Pure Plume.

There are four types of Plumes—Magic Boost, Magical Accuracy, Attack and Crit Strike. When selecting a Plume, choose the one that best matches your character class.
Pure Plumes have 2 stats per Plume. Physical damage Pure Plumes can have Attack, Crit Stike, or Accuracy for the second stat, and Magical damage Pure Plumes can have Magic Boost, Crit Spell, or Magical Accuracy.

How do you enchant the Plume?
Tempering Solutions are used to enchant the Plume. There are no limits to tempering a Plume; instead with each temper comes more difficulty with each success.

Does the Plume change appearances?
The Plume’s and Pure Plume’s appearance changes at +5 and then again at +10. Tempers between those levels will not change the item’s look.

What stats does tempering a Plume add?
Each temper adds HP and Magic Boost or Attack depending on the Plume equipped. For Pure Plumes the secondary stat is increased, not the main stat. For example, if you have an Attack/Crit Strike Pure Plume it will always have a +59 Attack and only Crit Strike will increase with each temper level.

Each temper increases the Plume’s stats by the following amount:

4 ATK/12 CS & 150 HP
20 MB/8 MA & 150 HP

Pure Plume:
15 CS/16 Accuracy/5 Attack & 175 HP
8 Crit Spell/25 MB/10 MA & 175 HP

After +5, the amount of increase in the stats you get will start to vary. For Attack, a successful temper ranges from +4 to +7; for Magic Boost from +20 to +32. HP will increase at a constant 150 per temper for Plumes and 175 for Pure Plumes.

What happens if my tempering fails?
Plumes won’t be destroyed and their temper level won’t decrease if they fail a temper. However, failing a temper on a Pure Plume will result with a loss of all temper levels but it won’t be destroyed.

- Other Questions -

Where do I find Plumes?
Plumes have a chance to drop from select instance bosses and purchasable from in game NPCs for Kinah. They can also be found for sale on the Black Cloud Marketplace during promotions, or as event prizes.

Which instance boss has a chance to drop a Plume?
Kromede the Corrupt | Fire Temple
Vile Judge Kromede | Fire Temple
Commander Bakarma | Draupnir Cave
Unstable Triroan | Theobomos Lab
Lord Lannok | Adma Stronghold
Calindi Flamelord | Dark Poeta
Tahabata Pyrelord | Dark Poeta
Stormwing | Beshmundir Temple
Brigade General Vasharti | Rentus Base
Vera | Ophidan Bridge
Virulent Ukahim | Danuar Sanctuary
Test Weapon Dynatoum | Illuminary Obelisk

Are the Plume and Pure Plume tradeable?
The Plume and Pure Plumes are tradeable at any level even after tempering. You can move it between your characters or sell it on the Trade Broker.

Where do I find Tempering Solutions?
Tempering Solutions can be acquired through boss and boss monster drops from certain instances. They can also be found for sale on the Black Cloud Marketplace during promotions, or as event prizes.

Can I hide display of the Plume like I can with my helmet?
Absolutely. The Plume is automatically set to be shown and in order to hide the Plume, navigate to the Profile Window the same way you can hide your Helmet or Legion Cloak.
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Default Re: Updated Plume Guide & FAQ

youve not mentioned about the normal plume becomin a pure one, you mentioned it can be purified wen its +10 but forgot to mention the purification ritual ;)
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Default Re: Updated Plume Guide & FAQ

You gave us a nice list of which instances drop Plume boxes, can we get a list of instances that drop Tempering Solutions as well? Thank you
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Default Re: Updated Plume Guide & FAQ

So will Linkgate Foundry no longer drop Plume Boxes?
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Default Re: Updated Plume Guide & FAQ

Super important question: It says in a bunch of spots that you need a plume +10 or higher in order to purify it. Do the stats of the resulting purified plume get affected by the enchantment level before purification? Or, in other words, is there any advantage to purifying at +11 instead of +10?
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Default Re: Updated Plume Guide & FAQ

Nowhere does it say that if you go past 10, your plume stats are reset when you purify. But they are reset to a base +10. NCsoft is stealing your money if you try to go past +10 before purification.
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Default Re: Updated Plume Guide & FAQ

the purified plume will have the maximum stats for the regular plume at +10. So it does not matter if you purify a nice RNG plume or a bad one. Once it is pure, it will get the maximun stats.

and yes, do not pass +10 if you want to purify. It will give you the stats for a plume +10 always. No matter if you had a +15 regular plume.

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Default Re: Updated Plume Guide & FAQ

After an experiment, here are my results:
From +1 to +2, broke 21 times
From +2 to +3, broke 15 times
From +3 to +4, broke 34 times
From +4 to +5, broke 29 times
From +5 to +6, broke 37 times
From +6 to +7, broke 17 times
From +7 to +8, broke 16 times
From +8 to +9, broke 6 times
Trying for the impossible +10, broke 3 times.

Approx 935 temporing solutions, or something like that when you factor in the purification and the Pre-Pure plume (started at +7, then 7 solutions to +10).

Aka, about $2300 USD vaporized.

NCsoft, are the odds really supposed to be this bad? If they were, you should have published this. Consumer protection laws exist for a reason.
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Default Re: Updated Plume Guide & FAQ

Originally Posted by Forthyn - Siel View Post
Tell that to me, 28 Tempering.

2 to +10 my blue.
26 to +10 my gold.

Statistics = blown. :'D
26 Temperings to +10.

Originally Posted by Dork - Tiamat View Post
I'll just leave this here:
1629 Temperings to +10.

RNG is RNG. Sadly.
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Default Re: Updated Plume Guide & FAQ

hot damn, kinah pls.
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