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Default Bug in master quest??

i am working on the quest to learn master alchemy. When NPC asked me if i wanted to buy a cheaper or more expensive design, i picked the cheaper which was "Eremitia's spellbook" (blue color). I got all the materials needed and also successfully in crafting the quest item. I got it in my inventory. Then i came to talk to the NPC to turn in the quest, he did not take my quest item. Instead, he asked me to turn in the more expensive design which is "Eremitia's NOBLE spellbook" and i don't have this design. The NPC did not give me the design for this so i can't learn and i can't craft it. BUT, i did not choose to craft this design in the beginning.

In short:

- In Craft Tool window, i have the design of Eremitia's spellbook ONLY
- In my inventory, i have Eremitia's spellbook item
- In my Quest window, I am asked to turn in "Eremitia's NOBLE spellbook" and i can't learn this design from NPC.

Am i having a bug or something???? I logged out and logged back in and the situation was still the same. Idk how to finish this quest because i don't have the noble design. I don't know what to do with my finished crafting product Eremitia's spellbook neither.

please help...

P/s: the spellbook item i have has this info: "This spellbook is decent enough, but Eremitia would probably not be satisfied with it." Do i have to craft this again until it says satisfying???

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Default Re: Bug in master quest??

That is not how the quest works.

For the quest you have two options:
  • Cheaper design, fewer materials required, but requires you to get lucky
  • More expensive design, more materials required, but it is a guaranteed success

The quest is asking for the Noble version of the item; in other words, the "proc-ed result". In case you do not know, certain recipes will have two possible outcomes, one being the simple version (will always come up if the crafting attempt does not fail), and the Noble version (does not come up all the time while crafting, you have to get lucky to get it).

Restating. The quest is asking you to craft the Noble version, and you have both routes you can opt for. One recipe (the one you bought) will give you the lesser simple version, but may give you the noble version (the one you need). The other recipe (bought from the NPC) is a guaranteed success if the crafting does not fail.

I, personally, always go for the assured one. I do not trust my luck. :P
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