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Default Re: Sky islands

Originally Posted by Melkor - Tiamat View Post
Can anyone create a sky islands thread in korean? Maybe the devs don't speak english, this way they may be able to answer our questions.

There are 5 mentions in 5.3 patch notes about how to get to it(once it's open), but no information about how to open the rift.
to open it you have to kill any world mob in illu/norsv and every spy you kill have a really low chance to spawn Sky Island rift.
It means low population servers like Kahrun will never see this rift and the server merge is a good thing if you want to see sky island happening.

They say Sield already did sky island once since 5.0 started.
One time in 6 months of 5.x patch is a really low and ridiculous rate for some major content.
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Default Re: Sky islands

So I found the blue floaty squareish thing floating around and when I clicked on it it took me to Sky Island, this was during the SFT event.
I had just finished killing a captain mob when I saw it but by the time I got in there were already 2 others there so im not sure if it was the mob I killed that spawned it or maybe 1 they killed. Possible that you have to kill multiple at the same time for it to happen?
Even after yelling about it on lfg noone else turned up >.<

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