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Default Unknown Ranger Gear?


I was going through my warehouse and found four items that are a part of a set but I don't have all of them.
Top - Runa's Jerkin
Pants - Marchutan's Breeches
Shoes - Arfast's Boots
Shoulderguards - Leytee's shoulderguards.

I have been googling to try and find the gloves but no luck, I am hoping someone here may know how to get the last part of the set.
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Default Re: Unknown Ranger Gear?

That set was a reward given by completing the campaigns around Katalam and Danaria. After 4.8, those rewards were moved to the campaigns in Cygnea/Enshar, however not all pieces made it.

Do not despair though; these pieces share appearance with the Ceramium Coin sets bought from the settlements in Cygnea/Enshar.
Currently counting on an infinite supply!
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