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Default Crafting Titanium

I have been searching for the Worthy Durable Titanium Sword recipe for awhile now, and have not been able to find it. I found the AetherCannon, Pistol, and Cipher-Blade. You would think that the other weapons would be in the same spot as those ones are, and yet it is not. Any help would be appreciated, as I can't seem to get an answer other than a poor attempt at a witty response ingame.
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Default Re: Crafting Titanium


Have you checked the designs the merchants sell in Pandaemonium or Pernon? The one where you can buy your materials as well. I think they should have it in there somewhere.
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Default Re: Crafting Titanium

Seriously why tho, just cuz?
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Default Re: Crafting Titanium

The database says that "Mima" in Panda should sell this design, but I checked and you are right: it's missing. Probably it has been removed from the game, like many others (I remember someone else who wanted to craft a lower-grade Tunic in Siel, for a friend... he posted here and in game, with no avail).

However, if you are interested in the skin (I don't see any other utility in this weapon, apart from the skin), you can simply buy the "Elite Rank 7 Asmodian Sword" with 19 Bronze Coins. They should have the same skin.
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