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Default Suggestions for Dual Wielding Gladiator?

Hi guys,

Recently rolled a new Glad :)

I'm pretty much a newbie at this game but I'm really liking it. Plus I'm really liking the idea of being a dual wielding (dual sword) gladiator, so I'm wondering if it's viable. I have a few questions. ^^

1) Anything I should know in order to achieve this? Do I need particular skills to be a dual wielding Gladiator or do I just equip 2 swords and I'm done?

2) Disadvantages of being a dual wielding Gladiator?

3) Advantages of being a dual wielding Gladiator?

4) Suggestions in order to get the best out of dual wielding Glad?

Thanks guys, eagerly waiting for some reply! :D
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Default Re: Suggestions for Dual Wielding Gladiator?

Mate the game is still golden to you. Just go dual wield and do it your way, but never stop looking for ways to improve.

You will do great DPS once geared, so don't worry.
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Default Re: Suggestions for Dual Wielding Gladiator?

Dagger/Mace seems to be what most Glads prefer. Dagger = attack speed mace = some damage output and I think both have high crit mods? I'm still not entirely sure how that works.

From what I understand not a lot of glads use DW in PvP though. PvE I think it is the best for high DPS.
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Default Re: Suggestions for Dual Wielding Gladiator?

I use dual wield on my glad dagger/mace with dual 3760 god stones the added magic boost from the mace makes them hit harder when they go off. I don't think alot of ppl realize that
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Default Re: Suggestions for Dual Wielding Gladiator?

1) Pretty much you will have to adjust your rotations so there won't be a 'dead' zone between your skills. Weaving is a must in and out of skills too in order to maximize your DPS. Especially, if you have a double digit ping or if you are close to that, weaving and timed skill rotations will grant you a very nice DPS output. You are not done just by equipping 2 weapons.

2) Disadvantages:
a) you can't use all those pretty awesome AoE skills (but you can always bring out your polearm and pew pew occasionally),
b) very expensive set, since you will have to socket it with attack/critical or critical/attack composite manastones and at least +10 every piece of it in order to be able to distinguish the DPS boost difference,
c) unfortunately, gladiators and melee classes in general are more ping dependent than other classes. A high ping will have a bad impact on your weaving/timing etc. (therefore on your total DPS) to the point that the skill delays might irritate you and make your dreams fall apart :( A mediocre ping will have a bad impact as well, but it's playable and you can still make some decent damage. A good ping will make you a bloody beast. ^^

a) great DPS if it comes with a nice ping,
b) tanking bosses is easier,
c) lower attack speed (you can go down to 0.8 attack speed),
d) godstones proc more,
e) weaving is easier.

4) Suggestions:
a) most DW glads go with either dagger (main hand) - mace (off-hand) or dagger (main hand) - sword (off-hand). I like double swords the most, but that's a personal preference. Try out every combination and pick the one that makes you feel more comfotable. You can also experiment between different weapon combinations on dummies and pick your favorite one :D

b) Now, something really important: socket in your dual wield weapons damage godstones with 10-11% probability. Best recommendation: illusion tiamat's counter attack ( or if you can't find it just go with the non illusion one ( If you weave in and out of skills you will literally get a godstone proc every time.

c) Practise, timing, practise, timing and so goes on. That's what you need as a dual wield gladiator. Practise on weaving between your timing skills. If you are timing it right, there shouldn't be a 'dead' zone, in which you will have to AAC (auto-attack) till you get back a skill out of cooldown and keep on your rotations. What i mostly do is this: 1) body smash chain, 2) robust blow chain, 3) sure strike chain, 4) sharp strike (x2) 5) random skill (mostly lockdown or weakening severe blow chain), 6) repeat AND that's all with weaving included between each skill.

d) Keybinds: keybind your most important skills and potions. By keybinding i mean in a functional way. You have to reach those buttons. Don't be a clicker :(

e) DO NOT be or even try to be a DW PvP gladiator. It is just wrong. Most probably you will make me angry, i will transfer to SL and spank spank you :D

That's all that comes in my mind for now (need more coffee). Sorry for the long reply. I was trying to be the most helpful i could be.

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