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Default need help on setting up marco

I am a lv 70cleric, currently have PVE DPS/HP set , PVP Block/MR, and I'm working on the PVP DPS set.
I just learn the idea of using Marco to change gear during PVP recently, but my MR weapon and my PVP DPS weapon have the same name, so when I do MRgear Marco, the system may pick the DPS gear instead.
are there any solution for this ? can I change my gear fast in another way?
I am using the 2 star resplendent mace as my weapon for DPS and MR set, any other suggest "beside the Archdeava gear"?
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Default Re: need help on setting up marco

If you agree never to change the position your sets from your inventory, there is an alternative method.

You can use: /use x y

This acts as telling to game to use whatever item you have in a certain slot of your inventory using coordinates. X, the first number, will be the number of slots from left to right (horizontal). Y will be the number of solts from up to down (vertically). Imagine you have your alternate set on the first 5 rows of your inventory. To set up a macro, you can just do the following:
/use 1 1
/use 2 1
/use 3 1
/use 4 1
/use 5 1
Alternatively, you can use quickbars. But a friend once told me items with same names may sometimes bug out through this.
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