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Default Missile Guide and Frozen Biltz

Ever since introduction of 5.1 allow us to use arch daeva version of harassing fire which can fire twice and I don't need frozen biltz in rotation(incendiary and harassing is low cd enough)

I'm currently using frozen blitz but I may use Missile Guide cause it's a nuke for gunner but long charge time and cd make me thinking about it.

So should I buy MG or keep using FB ?
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Default Re: Missile Guide and Frozen Biltz

Omg i havent even looked into my gunner all that much but i forgot the archdaeva skills. Um its all how you want to do things honestly. Pvp and pve is something you have to consider. I know for pve you would want it cuz it hits hard as hell. Also as you enchant missle guide the CD gets lower.
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Default Re: Missile Guide and Frozen Biltz

Frozen Blitz is better for PVE rotations. If you set up your rotation properly you will get 2 frozen blitzes every 32-34 almost 8 frozen blitzes to each missile guide. With cumulative animation time of 8 x 0.899 = 7.192s at 8 x 985 = 7,880 dmg for 1,095 dps. This is marginally better than MG (4.109 / (3.7s charge + 0.26 motion time) = 4,037 dps.

Now in reality, because of ping, MG will be slightly better then FB straight up even if you have good ping, but Frozen Blitz slots better into rotations because the alternate to MG is really really bad filler (Aerial Fury, Aetheric Bombardment, Siege Cannon, or switch to pistol for some quick pistols skills like green grenade, hotshot, precision shot, etc. -- note even pulverizer is worse when you take into account the 1.2 total switching time time from cannon to pistol, and back to cannon).

Basically 8 x FB in 2m16s >> 1 MG + 2 Aetheric Bombardments + 1 Aerial Fury.

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