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Default Squishy as nyerk

For a tank class, i feel pretty squishly
I'm in full mythic AC gear with mb/hp manastones yet even with the kinetic battery skill up i am super squishy

I feels like i dont even have any defence up. Also my agro is easily stolen by temps and glads even if i spam my agro skills.

What is the main purpose of this class, what am i doing wrong? There is literally nobody to ask ingame and i can see why

other than that this is my spirit class and i love it
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Default Re: Squishy as nyerk

The main purpose is be a Tank with the damage close to a gladi and tank like a temp i have the same set and i can tank AoE without any kind of problem maybe u aren't using an active skill called mounting of frustration that skills works well for catch the agro + provoking whispers and magnetic wave, also if u have mounting of frustration works when u do dps + these enmity skills u get the agro really easy

I hope this help
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Default Re: Squishy as nyerk

Its pve doe. Some attacks from bosses seem to be a % of your hp then a real number. Pve has never made and sense. Your damage reduction buff is probably the best thing for you, kinda like temps iron skin.
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