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Default Arena gear on temp [clarification needed]

So I was thinking of building an arena gear set on my templar.
Since getting it to +15 will be quite difficult in the short term, I plan to raise it to +10 and socket it with +5 accuracy stones and some +5 power ones.
(Ideally 1150 crit, 1800+ macc.. and some decent accuracy + some juicy attack)
What do you guys think about this setup?
Is it comparable to, let's say +15 army 2 star gear?
I wish to know if it's worthwhile because I don't have the patience to farm abyss gear AGAIN on my alts.

From my undocumented perspective, having +10 rather than +15 means I'll get less crit strike resist, but dunno if that should be a problem because most people have enough crit strike to counter ANY strike resist (most people - geared ones - have around 550 strike resist).
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Default Re: Arena gear on temp [clarification needed]

You miss out on about 30 Base Attack not having 15 versus 10 as well.

Considering the costs involved, if you already have +15 Comp Stoned armour it will only be worth it if you want the extra MR.

I recommend getting one piece to 15 and socketing it full of 6/7 Precision. This will open up your build massively to allow you to pursue much higher stats overall (if you aren't looking for the extra MR).
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Default Re: Arena gear on temp [clarification needed]

To reiterate, if you have a 2* set, make it attack. You can make this acc, but mythic BM is fine and won't break. You could use this for block, as it doesnt really -need- to be +15 or +10 (your shield +15 though). How effective block is these days without riding strike resist on the side (cleric) I don't know.

Tbh, it's better off for gearing alts. IE: I was feeding my sorc.
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