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Default Pvp stigma's what are people using now?

I have been doing a lot of arena's of late both on my SW and Temp and I have been fighting a lot of song weavers with a lot of different stigma variations and wondering what is working best for people.

I typically use

hymn of rejuvenation
free style
sting note

and depending if I think ill get more sorc / sm or more melee I switch between Mvt. 3 Autumn and Mvt. 2 Summer

Here is where I am having my issue. With Mvt. 3 Autumn and Mvt. 2 Summer I am coming to find them almost totally useless now a days

Now with arch deva stats that people can just increase their MA to land things are song weavers just forced to place all their stats into Will for the extra MA resists for the skills. I am constantly feared and slept, and constantly silenced no matter witch skill I used. plus in 5.3 or 5.5 SM's get more MA for fear and we don't get any more fear resists form our skills.

are Mvt. 3 Autumn and Mvt. 2 Summer just out dated and tossed a side now a days. if so what do you replace it with. I have recently seen a lot of SW with half stop because u can strip off shields and BG but every person I face always seams to have a brain and hides their shields behind scrolls that can be auto added back by pets.

I have also seen a lot of joyous carol but I have never been a fan of it.

What is everyone running now a days.


Off topic but still annoying the hell out of me....

Harpist pod has two effects

1. decrease target's attack speed - I always do make 3 charges and fire. On every normal, elite, or boss in pve I see 0 attack speed decrease. On every person in pvp I use it on I see 0 attack speed decrease. am I missing something here or is it like .00000000001% attack speed decrease at full charge.

2. Decrease spell debuff - wth is spell debuff?
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Default Re: Pvp stigma's what are people using now?

Mvt. 3 Autumn is annoying as heck to deal with as a Gladiator. Makes it harder to knockdown due to the stumble resist it gives. Also the silence resistance can cripple my godstone. As for your offtopic statements, Harpist Pod is better to use at Stage 1 because it will still apply a debuff and the attack speed decrease won't make much of a difference. Use this to bury your valuable debuffs such as bind/silence. Spell debuff is simply another way of saying Magic Suppression. The lower the target's Magic Suppression, the more damage you deal to them. Essentially if a target has high Magic Suppression you need lots of Magic Boost. I don't play Songweaver but you can just Google your answer and find what you need.
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Default Re: Pvp stigma's what are people using now?

Originally Posted by Azoturan - Siel View Post
For open world PvP, I've been going with this build (Chorus + Impassion, then Half-Stop, Freestyle, Autumn and Inspiration) to have a full utility toolkit ready to go. You will need to play your cds carefully and kite for days, but Autumn+Chorus gives you a lot of tankiness you would otherwise not have.
@Azo You can not even come close in a million year to comprehend my inability to kite in open world pvp. I swear my motto in kitting in open world pvp is "If I don't agro every single mob on the map before this person kills me or calls for help, my account is going to get banned"

Inspiration is a tough skill to counter. Any time someone uses it on me or another speed skill to get away from me my 1st thing I do is stop and refill my mana and HP up than wait for him again or go in a different direction to find an opponent who won't just run away every time his cool down is off and he runs low on hp. my playing style their is a 1/1000 chance I can use this skill to benefit me. Want to run fast get on your mount and find someone. Want to run away to try to reset your pvp or not to get kill. Instead of using inspiration I typically use return than go pve some where because I wasn't being serious in the 1st place I wanted to pvp.

I normally solo pvp. I don't have many friends so group or ally pvp is kind of out of the question. I am one of those YOLO players If I pvp someone is going to die. If it is me its back to the drawing bored. What did I do right what did I do wrong if I did this instead would it of mattered.
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Default Re: Pvp stigma's what are people using now?

Pvp i always use hymn of rejuvenation, autumn, inspiration, impassion, paean of pain and finally the all mighty chorus of blessing. I have always loved this build. Due to the fact i do mostly pvp with a frand or frands. But even solo i still rock it. Lots of this is sotsuational and yoi cant really prepare yourself for what stigma i should use when you dont know who or what your gunna be against. I do miss my exultation, hopefully i can get mine to +10, it is at +9 right now but im hoping for like a stigma enchant event. Hearing rumors but well see. Im also hoping when i +10 other effects happen on it? I dont look into what happens to stigmas when you max enchant.

Harpist pod has been very buggy for me. People say charge 1, 2 and 3 do this much attack speed decrease but i always do charge one and sometimes it lands a good attack speed slow and sometimss it does nothing but something to help bury a silence or bind with. So idk what to say about that skill. Maybe its something in the game that needs to be fixed.

@autumn buff... i really wish my stumble and silence resist would work somedays but sometimes it doesnt do anything. Its like rangers rng damage. This game is all rng and gear dependent to get the stats you need to make nothing matter but yourself.
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