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Default Removing Buffs to Allow Windwalk


So I haven't been watching any GRB for a while now, but watching this video gave me a few clues to some bugs higher tier sins can abuse to get an edge over enemies.

Between Sleeps/Hard CCs there is a moment where you can use a skill if use remove a buff at the right time. Here we can see the monstasin removing food/drink buffs in order to WW between sleeps.

I've always been a big fan of abusing WW willy nilly, as it's easily the most powerful DP skill in the game given it's utility and flexibility.

I have confirmed it's use on NA servers after I made my favourite mistake versing a Sorc (RS into 1tick Som). After the short Som duration, I removed my food buff and WW, going into stealth for the duration of Tree and allowing me to clutch a fight I SHOULDN'T have been able to win.

This and a few other neat tricks will be included in the guide update when we get the new forums!
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