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Default Shadow of The Archangel Gaming Guild

Shadow of the Archangel on SIEL Server is a Multi Gaming Guild and Recruiting, focusing on putting together an active Unit focused on gearing PvP and PvE for 24-48 people All Classes, static play, New or Returning players are welcome. We run on a Simple Ranking system, fun mature people, have TeamSpeak 3 and Discord Servers Come Check us out on TeamSpeak: Chi01.Mainvoice.Net:7095 and our website: There is always the command on the standard SIEL server SHIFT-G to apply for our community.

On another Note our community is on many other Games such as; Battlefield 4, Final Fantasy 14 Realm Reborn, MechWarrior Online, Lord of the Rings Online, Star Wars Online, along with a few other various games, So if you would like to check out the community or be in a community that may play games your into come talk to us, we look forward to seeing / speaking with you. Main page for community is:

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