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Default Stealth question

So this may be a rly noob question but is slayer form supposed to knock me out of stealth even shadow walk as the first buff? I haven't played sin that long (maybe 1-1.5 year) and even a shorter amount of time pvping as a sin but I could have sworn that slayer form didn't used to take me out of stealth. I checked all the buffs and it's only slayer that ends stealth and it's all 3 kinds (didn't try Rs one). Just wanted to know if it's always been like this or is it new or is my game bug. Thanks
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Default Re: Stealth question

I think it's supposed to. On other "servers" not related to NA you don't get knocked out. Best idea is pop slayer/DA (if you run it) then into hide if you're going into combat.

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