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Default Night Watch Legion (Asmo) Recruiting - New Players Welcome

Night Watch is an Asmodian Legion that is recruiting. We have friendly, experienced and helpful people. Come join us!!

- Be active and friendly. That's pretty much it
- We're looking for players of any level and class.
- New Players are Welcome!!

What are we willing to do on our part?
- Help out our legion mates!
- Answer any questions you have to the best of our ability.
- Try to run instances together if possible!
- We're open to suggestions and always looking to improve! Suggestions are welcome!~

What are we looking into becoming?
- A PvPvE legion, so we will do a little bit of both!
- Work as a team, and do things together.
- Participate in faction sieges.
- Eventually get everyone geared and ready for endgame.
- Make good friends, and have fun!~

For more information or to join, you can message one of us in game: ImLion, Tsarnara, Sulevin, Vangelis

You can also apply via the in game guild menu or our website:

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