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Default Suggesting a new class

I've heard lots and lots of people on aion that their getting bored of aion and that they want a new class.
What if you guys made an animal like class like when it's in attack mode your characters appearance goes from human to a werewolf and have like different types of 4 legged animals you can transform as and each one has a different attack or type of attack and have animals like wolves, Tigers, bears, Phoenix, dragon or even a human like dragon the class could have another choice like all the other classes do or only have one option to pick the class you want for example bard only has one option and that is songweaver
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Default Re: Suggesting a new class

just fix the class we have such as glad stop nerving us and give us a few stuns or a silence or make our knock up shorter cuz every other class can do it like constantly. but have you tried to beat a block set cleric >..........> annoying

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