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Default How to weaving as a sin ?

Hi I've found out my current weaving is only 37% dmg of total dps,while I take a look at aionpveranks most sin got 50% attack dps(including dw glad)

My current weaving is one chain skills -> auto -> chain skills -> auto -> chain skills and repeating.

Do I have to weave even between chain ? eg weave between swift edge and soul slash.I tried it and it's very boring and annoying that way I feel like my char slowed down and I need to hold my breath to use next skill after auto.

Another question is does auto attack hit x2 ? while skills take it from main hand weapon + skill dmg ? if that so does it make auto attack better than skills cause it hit twice ?

Any tips would be appreciate ty.
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Default Re: How to weaving as a sin ?

Sounds like you have low attack.

When your offensive gears suck, a bigger portion of your damage comes from attack skill bonus damage which are not affected by gear.

What are your 2 weapons?
Are your armor and wings enchanted?
Have you allocated CP to power stat?
Do you have all manstone slots filled up with attack manastones?

Double attack (auto attack while dual wield) = you attack with both mainhand and offhand at the same time. For offhand, weapon minimum damage seems to be further randomized between dual wield mastery% and 100% of weapon base minimum damage.

Highest available dual wield mastery:
Assassins: 90%
Gladiators: 75%
Rangers: 75%

A high level sin holding a 140-156 damage dagger on offhand will change to [126-140]-156 from what my data collection seem to be.

I haven't figure out exact damage formula for attack skills while dual wielded, but the damage largely seem to consist of (a little bit more than mainhand damage) + (skill bonus damage)
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Default Re: How to weaving as a sin ?

Just ac mythic +5 dagger and sword
ac armors +5
No wings enchanted
Attack around 800+ on both hands

So from what I reading from ur saying is my weaving rotation is correct ? but problem lays with gears ? if I have more attack my auto attack will have more percent of total dmg ?
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Default Re: How to weaving as a sin ?

I weave literally every skill, but there are some skills I skip. Generally most of your rotation is going to be your carves. I save devotion for the rune carve chain and weave ever skill in it. Then I'll do swift edge but I won't follow through the chain. Instead I'll go into assassination and killing spree. Then I'll weave ke, weave every surprise attack skill... I don't bother with runes at all and I only pop weakening if I have nothing else really up. I avoid dash (chain, sometimes I use dash itself but i dunno).

Biggest thing there-in to remember though is devotion for rune carve chain. I think that's the most optimized use of it considering it's such a short cd and only lasts for a few seconds, nothing else seems worth it to use it on.

Your problem I think is simply that you are completing a full swift edge chain, which is a fairly long animation and that if you insist on running full chains before weaving, at least weave every 2 skills. I think the only skill used in my rotation that is maybe worth skipping a weave on is fang strike into 2nd skill.

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Default Re: How to weaving as a sin ?

Weaving is very simple as to when you should do it.

No you shouldn't weave every skill.

I personally weave certain chains in a certain manner.

i.e. :

Weave - Fang Strike - 2nd chain - Weave - 3rd Chain

Weave - Backstab - 2nd chain - Weave - 3rd Chain

Weave - Assassination - Killing Spree - Weave - Killing Spree - Weave - Killing Spree

Ultimately when you should weave heavily relies on your attack speed, and your skills animation/global CD. Sins weave a bit more due to lower attack speed, but not every skill. If the skills global CD is really short, you don't want to weave as you'll be waiting too long to weave the next skill. Take Fang Strike for example.
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