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Default Question about Aetherforging

Question about Aetherforging, So now I'm crafting scrolls but at some point, let's say at Lvl 60 Aetherforging do I have to make Kalis gear to make it keep leveling up ? or can I still do lower Lvl crafts?
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Default Re: Question about Aetherforging

You can use lower level crafts too keep leveling, I did 60-71 doing Improved Fabric Scrolls (L30) with a 500% crafting amulet.

Edit: there's still a level limit on the crafts you can use to continue leveling (just like with the old professions), for example at L71 Aetherforging I don't get exp from crafting L1 stuff, so I assume whatever you craft cannot be 40 levels lower than your current skill level.

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Default Re: Question about Aetherforging

I've heard the Crafting Amulet no longer assists with Aetherforging, since the 5.3 patch.

Has anyone tried since the patch? Can you say for sure whether or not it helps?
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Default Re: Question about Aetherforging

I was using it yesterday and to be honest i levelled from 14 to 16 in few minutes? I don't know if its normal, but I've asked one person which used charm before 5.3 and he said its working like it should after I told him this.

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