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Default Templar in 5.3 And you. (A breakdown of this nyerkhead class.)

So, since trying to log into the forums here is like striking gold. I figured I'd try and build a mega thread to try and carry every question and whatnot into one thread.

First You've decided to play Templar (A tank) I'm so sorry.

If the video doesn't show:
(Believe me watch this it'll make you laugh and give you an idea of what tanking is like)

Keep in mind to each is to own and the playstyle you choose should be the one YOU'RE comfortable with. But nothing I say here is a set in stone fact and can change via opinion or with The most minor of changes.

Quick key
2 PvE
2.1 Gearing
2.2 Running instances
3 PVP (This is going to be a long one.)
3.1 Gearing
3.2 Group pvp
3.3-3.14 Fighting individual classes. (can also be searched by #Class name)
4. Quality of life things you can do with 5.3 And experimental Things I'm trying with the 5.3 update (Skip here if you're a Veteran looking for some 5.3 info on the class or are just into the idea of theorycrafting.)
5. Templar in 5.5 (I have this juicy info :) )

1. FAQ

What is A Templar? (For most this is a pointless question)

A Templar, (At least on Aion) Is easily compared to WoW's Paladin in terms of it's functionality. (Tanking, with some slight party buffing Mainly through shields and bonus defense)

What's The main point of Templar?
PvE this is what you do. PvP this is what you want to try and do. (Not as easy to "Tank" In PvP but you're the front runner. Expect to die A LOT Even as the beastly defensive monstro you are.)

What are the pros to Templar?

The games main tank.
INCREDIBLE survivability.
There's always a need for you in PvX
Once properly geared: Templars become one of if not *THE* Toughest physical class to have to face in PvP.
You murder other physical classes

What are the Cons to playing Templar?

Requires the most gearing out of any class (Second only to cleric)
Most difficult class to solo level.
Entirely gear dependent.
One of if not THE slowest farming potential out of any class.
Weak to cloth/Clerics
Requires you to have less than 200 pings to do "average" less than 100 to do "Well"

Can you break down the block/evasion/parry mechanics?
Ahh sure.. I can give a heavily simplified breakdown of how they work.
Dodge: 100% damage reduction 30% occurrence cap.
Parry: 50% Damage reduction 40% occurrence cap.
Block: 50-80% reduction 50% occurrence cap.
Good shields come with 50% block and gain 2% for each level of enhancement (EX:+15 shield 50% base 2x15=30% 30(bonus)+50(base)=80% damage reduction total

Thanks Dingus, Can you break down the "occurrence cap" now?
Again heavily simplified breakdown.
So Think of simple math. (PEMDAS <-- Nyerk this crap)
The formula for block kind of breaks down like this.
Evade - accuracy = Evade (successful roll) or (fail move to next roll)
Parry - accuracy = Parry (Successful roll) or (fail move to final roll)
Block - accuracy = Block (Successful roll or (fail take full damage scrub)

In order for an attack to be blocked You must exceed the stat by 10 or more (10= 1% chance 100 = 10% chance) Example
Ballsdeep69 has 3,100 accuracy and is trying to mess you up. You have 3,310 block.
3,310 block - 3,100 accuracy= 210. Remaining block. Move a decimal
Result: You have a 21% chance to block every one of his attacks.
Important notes: You cannot exceed 50% chance to block irregardless of how badly you "beat his noob stats"
If you evade an attack you will not block it. If you parry an attack you will not block it. (The only time you'll see evasion is when blind is involved And you'll almost never parry past an enemies accuracy)

How many sets does Templar need?

Ideally four. sets based on Importance.
DPS set. (PvP set)
M.supp (magic supression set For magic based classes)
Block (For physical classes in PvP)
PVE set (A mixture of Hp / damage to maintain aggro and surviveability This is going to be the first set you obtain, even if it is the "least important" for PvP You need a PvE set to even get started.)

Wait, but other users have said M.res what do you mean m.supp
So this one is a bit of a hot topic between alot of late game Templars.. M.res is a stat that Has gotten a bit more difficult to keep up with. While the set is nice against physical classes to fight against their CC landing. Clerics can still be countered by these sets.. However the main purpose of them was to stop cloth classes. And now the amount of m.res needed stops you from being too much of a threat damage wise to the cloth class you're fighting. (Seriously some of them have broken WELL into 3.5k m.acc) You're better off trying to reduce as much of the incoming damage from them as possible. However some people will still fight this point. (Which they can like I stated to each is to own

What weapons do a Templar use?

We have access to four weapons.
The Greatsword (your main damage weapon)
The Sword (Your off damage / tanking weapon)
The shield (We're the only class that necessarily uses the shield as a 'weapon')
The mace (This is a rare occurrence as most maces are not Tailored to Templars. ((PvE maces are decent.. However the difficulty in trying to obtain a physical mace is not worth the output of just Getting a sword. PvP: Unless you want to use the legendary Archon brigade General mace (level 55 weapon) There just aren't any for us to really use. )

Well which ones the best?

Without being a smart ass the Answer is honestly "Yes."
An average Templar will only use one. A good one will use both their 1h/shield and his Greatsword in their rotations.

You suck at this... Well, mace or sword?
Honestly, For PvE you could get away with a mace, But in PvP you're going to be using a sword Bar none. (You NEED that PvP attack.)

What is "Weaving"?
Weaving is the idea of Auto attacking between skills and then using a skill to cancel the animation of the skill. (Marked as "attack"" in basic skills or hitting the "C" button. (This is an interact button that will allow you to attack an enemy target.)

What is "Burying"?
Shorthand: Something Templars never need to do but need to watch out for. "Burying" Is the term used for when a skill Is put into a state where it can't be potted off with GHP or the first wave of dispels. This is done by taking a Crucial skill (I.E: Assassin's 30 second blind) And Then using two more debuffs to add to the debuff bar Pushing the Blind to the "Third" Slot in the bar or further down the line "burying" it making it impossible for you to Pot off with a potion until the debuffs applied after it wear off. (This can be used to extend the duration of a debuff a few seconds if not completely circumvent the GHP)

2. PVE
PvE is "Player vs Environment" TL:DR Unless the thing you're fighting has a name like "Ballsdeep69" And it's in blaring RED letters. And shows up as a red Diamond on the map. It's part of the games "Environment"

2.1 Gearing
Important sets for gearing up for PvE

Hp (PvE) set.
Purpose of the set: PvE based armor/accessories gives you Enmity boost (A stat that allows you to Keep mobs Attacking you and not your squishy little party mates. The increased "Physical defense" of these armors also allows you to cut through more mobs without dying/ stopping to heal.

DPS set ((Usually A PvP set for Kinah's sake.) Or A seperate PvE set to avoid taking aggro from the main tank/ Solo grinding/farming )
Purpose of the set:
PvP version: usually used in open world farming to be able to fight back against enemy players. NOTE: This can now be considered an obsolete tactic due to Equipment set swapping now being a thing with 5.3
PvE version: Faster killing of mobs Again with the benefits of the increased Tankiness. (Also used in more advanced parties where the extra Hp socketing may not be neccesary.)

PvE Gearing order: (from 60-75 as these are the most appropriated levels for 5.3) Note: You do not have to get ALL the sets if you can skip entire sets, do so this is just a list of options from worst to best
First to last
(Non kinah options)
LDR/DR set: (Danuar reliquary)
IS set (infinity shard set)
DD set (Drakenspire depths (INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT to obtain now)
Ancient coin set (Archdaeva's restructured sets)
Note:The ancient coin set can be purchased with Ancient coins which are farmable/obtained with kinah. This means if you can, you're allowed to outright purchase this set. And this is honestly the only real relevant set to worry about.
More information on the set here:

(Breastplate linked)

Anywho onto the important part. The stats from these sets. (we're going to use Archives of eternity as the instance for these goals.

Importance: Highest to lowest (tanking)
Enmity boost: As high as possible.
HP: 25-30k+ (Unbuffed the higher the better but 25k is about as low as you wanna get the damage numbers in these instances are HIGH give your cleric as much of a break as you can.)
Accuracy: 3,600+ (This will mostly allow you to hit just about anything this is also largely obtained from having good weapons)
Crit: 1,000+ (Unbuffed: Buffs will give you +120 from scrolls and I think +60 from the poma wine dumpling putting you at a solid 1,180 for PvE)
Attack: Arbitrary stat if you're tanking so as high as you can get while still reaching the other requirements.

Importance Highest to lowest (DPSing)
Accuracy: 3,600+ (Your damage doesn't mean anything if you can't hit the mobs and level difference makes this SO much more important)
Crit: 1,150+ (Unbuffed: You're trying to murder things here, Furless one.)
Attack: As high as possible while meeting the other stats
HP: 18k + (You might not be tanking but you're still up front which means there's a goddamned good chance you're still gonna take some damage This is also VERY easy to obtain in PvE sets)
Enmity boost: The lower the better but (good) PvE gear is going to cause you to have it. So we've gotta deal.

2.2 Running instances
I'm not going to breakdown guides for EACH individual instance in this post (This post is going to be a massive textwall as it is due to there being No spoiler function here) So I'm going to post basic fanfare and rotations.

Tanking: You have two goals here. My favorite which is "Not die" And maintain your aggro.
Core skills: Provoking roar, (Formerly Cry of Ridicule) Incite rage (Now a normal skill) And provoke. (There might be more that are slipping my mind But these three will allow you to maintain aggro relatively easy. Anyway for future reference this will be called "Taunt spam"

Rotation I use when Tanking: Taunt spam, Steel barricade defense (Block proc) Courageous shield, Shield counter, Avenging shield blow (End block skills) Swinging shield counter, shield bash chain. (swap to Greatsword) Dazzing severe chain, Body smash chain, Richteous blow, Ferocious Strike chain, Sword storm. (Swap to shield) Restart rotation and omit Longer cooldown skills. (they'll be back on the next cycle of your rotation)
NOTE: This rotation is under the assumption you are "Weaving" attacks. (Covered in the FAQ)

DPSing: Goal Murder the hell out of the thing you're fighting.

Rotation I use while DPSing: Same rotation Omit taunt skills and block proc skills. (If they come up use them but if you're not tanking you probably won't get them.) Now you noticed I didn't cover Any of our "damage buffs" (Twin furies for the oldies) below
Reroute power: If you're tanking and not noticing your health move, use this. (it kills your physical defense which can make the difference between life and death use sparingly.)

Divine fury(long cooldown buff): Use this only when Dps racing or if you lose aggro(You shouldn't lose it but that 30% can help regain it.) If the boss doesn't have any special dps requirements (of when to do it) Use this the same way you would empryean fury.

Empryean fury(shorter and stronger of the two damage buffs): Use this during phases when the boss has no damage mitigation up (shields buffs etc etc) And hit them hard and fast. You can Add divine fury To end of this if it's not going to hinder your ability to tank/kill the boss.

3. PVP

Onto the main course of this post. PVP "Player vs Player." Yeah remember ballsdeep69? We're going to be talking about him finally. PvP is the meat and potatoes of the game. And is The most fun yet infuriating thing you'll do.

A quick key for how the next section will be laid out.
Recommended set: Self Explanatory(If you do not have the set dps is assumed to be your next go to)
Required skills: Without these the scenario is almost ALWAYS lead to your loss or an IMMENSELY MORE DIFFICULT FIGHT
Recommended skills: While not as important as the required skills these skills will almost always make the fight much easier.
All other skills will be unlisted and assumed as part of your toolkit/rotations
Recomended Godstones:
How to handle the fight.
Rest of fight

Common mistakes (Mistakes in this scenario that have made life harder/resulted in The Templar losing. If it's in red it's a critical mistake for the class fight.)

So you've decided to take a Templar into PvP, You poor thing. For starters You need the following sets:
DPS (General use set against most squishbags)
M.res/Supp (buyers choice but I recommend M.supp for magic classes
Block (For physical classes.

Sets from worst to best.
Blood mark(65 eternal)
Blood mark(65 Mythic)
Arena set (70 mythic)
Abyss set (70 mythic)
Abyss set (75 mythic)

Sets and stats in order of importance.

PvP Defense/Attack: As high as possible
Crit: 1,200 (Unbuffed) (Scroll+food= 1,380 for bypassing strike resist)
Accuracy: 3,700 minimum (The higher the better but you need to be able to bypass block sets or you'll never kill clerics)
Attack: As close to 1,600 as possible. (Unbuffed)
HP: As high as possible (roughly 17-20k range) (unbuffed) (also vastly unimportant)

PvP Defense/Attack: As high as possible
M.supp:As high as possible while maintaining the below stats
Accuracy: 3,600 (unbuffed)
Crit: 1,100+ (unbuffed)
Attack: As high as possible
HP: As high as possible

PvP Defense/Attack: As high as possible
Block: 3,300+ (unbuffed) (Again the higher the better. That seems low? remember your shield stances give you +700 and +1000 respectively)
Crit: 1,100+ (Higher the better again)
Accuracy: 3,500+ (Easily obtainable)
Attack: As high as possible.
HP: As high as possible.


There are Three total scenarios. Contrary to popular belief the cleric is not the governing factor in most Team fights. It's the spirit master. (Fear WINS fights, hands down. You can't do anything and if the Cleric is feared you lose your dispel from fear. Not to mention your heals)
Note: Irregardless of the scenarios You're taking the same skills
Scenario 1: Both groups have a spirit master.

Required skills: Bodyguard, Empryean Providence, panoply of Protection.
Recommended Skills: Divine fury Empryean fury, Reroute power. Inquisitor's blow, Punishing thrust, Sword storm. Aether leash (Doom lure, ((IJ for you oldshugos)) Illusion chains

Like I stated, Fear is one of not the biggest Governing factor of how a Group of 6v6 is going to go. A feared GROUP is a dead GROUP (Or at least a dead cloth/healer)

At the beginning of the fight:(You should be the first one in.) Immediately Panoply your spirit master (If the enemy party is smart they're going to jump on him to kill him.)

Outcome: Good SM pops spirit sub and goes for fear
Bodyguard your Cleric. (5k should be enough for them to get one or two heals out before this is popped) If the cleric can't keep up with healing Pop Empryean providence and attempt to go into this fight. Once you've done so. Buff up (Your choice of how many you wish to use (I usually do reroute and Empryean here and hold divine for after this initial phase of the fight.)

Outcome: Spirit master is stupid and Doesn't pop sub/fails to get fear off.
Provided your party isn't now feared/dead/FUBAR Grin and bear it, You're going to have to Bodyguard the SM and beg him to fear. Immediately Pop Empryean providence if you have to BG the SM (You gotta protect the rest of the party) Once you've done so. Buff up (Your choice of how many you wish to use (I usually do reroute and Empryean here and hold divine for after this initial phase of the fight.)

Inquisitor's blow has a range of 16m (same as your pulls) This allows you to not run facefirst into the entire team. When it crits it usually pops their stone skin. If not immediately follow up with sword storm (this will pop the shield and should stumble them, if it breaks the shield but doesn't stumble them go for a pull to displace them from the group / cancel their fear shriek)

Remainder of the fight:

Outcome: The SM is now dead. Move onto their healer Then their most theatening dps. If the healer doesn't seem phased by your damage, CC them and try to keep them busy enough to halt their heals. (A cleric can't heal if they're on the ground.)

Keep spamming Pano on your healer (once that fear shriek is off the SM is no longer your focal point until it's off cooldown) Bodyguard the healer as often as you can. (Reserve remaining Panos/BG for Cleric, Pano SM when they have the shriek again)

Outcome: The SM popped spirit sub (command bodyguard whatever that reroutes the damage to the spirit) At ANY point during your initial jump on them. Immediately back off them. (If they get the fear off And it doesn't result in the parties death,) Use Aether leash to Pull the spirit. Begin dpsing the spirit with everything you've got. Once it dies return to the SM for the kill. (They're going to be debuffing and wreaking havoc) (Reserve remaining Panos/BG for Cleric, Pano SM when they have the shriek again)

Fight remainder target order:
SM> Healer > other dps > tanks

Scenario 2:You have a spirit master and they don't.


For post size sake, the beginning of the fight is the same. (TL:DR version)
Pano sm hope he's not stupid. If he is BG beg for fear shriek Empy prov)

Outcome: Enemy group is now feared Full buff damage (reroute divine, empryean) Begin the murderfest
Target order: Cloth> Cleric > Leather > chain > plate (Kill them from quickest to slowest minus the cleric) Pano/bg spam your healer. Pano the SM when Fear's off CD again.

Outcome: The cleric got out of the Fear and is beginning to dispel. Full buff (yes. again) Pull her with Aether leash, Begin Damaging them with non CC skills (If you do enough damage you're either Going to kill them, make them heal themselves, or force them to pop a shield over dispelling. The goal is to get them to have to do something other than dispel the targets that are feared. In the event you're not hurting them. Aether leash: Low CD CC skill when they use remove shock pull them with Illusion chains (If you do this properly this will cancel their shield chain off RS) Once that's done begin to damage with everything you've got. The minute Remove shock disappears continue CCing. (Fear shriek will have ended after you pop their remove shock so watch your back.)

Remainder of the fight: Pretty similar to scenario 1 You're going to do just about the same changing up your target order. (The beginning of the fight is what Mainly changes based on the SMs or not.)

Scenario 3: They have an SM and you don't.
For starters bad scenario :P

Beginning: Immediately Bodyguard your cleric (They're likely going to target them first.) Pano your strongest DPS (You might not know this unless you're in a premade Usually whichever DPS in your party has the highest HP is a good way to guess which to panoply. (Note this is a nyerkshoot and can be because they have high gear with arbitrarily higher HP, or your DPS is an utter idiot in which case kiss your ass goodbye William. ) And continue the Next part of the initial fight the same way you would in scenario 1.

remainder of the fight: Again same as scenario 1 changing your targeting up appropriately.

Now, onto PvP against other classes. (Remember that every fight Is situational and these while in theory work may not always pan out exactly as follows these are strategy's to carry INTO these fights with, don't expect the execution to go exactly as I've typed out here every time. Aion's PvP truly is situationally based Something as stupid as a pillar can completely turn a fight to a certain direction.

Since this is also going public, please feel free to shoot numbers or ideas. But let's try and keep it civil.

On a side note Willist this is how I play and have achieved good results not EVERY Templar is going to feel this way. And Honestly, I'm above average AT BEST compared to some people. So if any of you greats are reading this please, set me straight Senpai(s).

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Default Re: Templar in 5.3 And you. (A breakdown of this nyerkhead class.)


Recommended set: Block
Recomended Godstones: Blind, silence
Required skills: All.
Recommended skills: All.
Difficulty: Block set: 6/10 Dps:8/10

Sure, let my stupid self start with the Mirror match up. You vs another Steel wall with feet. You're going to need everything in your toolkit To win against Another Templar. In the end the more geared Templar SHOULD win every time. This isn't always the case. Mindgames and timing when to DPS is going to be what leads you to win these fights. conceptually the fights are going to follow the same layout with some minor differences.

BLOCK SET: If you have a block set over the enemy Templar, You've got a strong advantage. Remember the key here is to NOT die longer than they can. Templars don't win fights by Killing targets, they win it by surviving longer than the other target does. This applies to when they fight themselves as

How to handle the fight:

Beginning: Try and pop their Remove shock > Refresh spirit chain. Upon remove shock going popping. Pull them with Aether leash or illusion chain in an attempt to interrupt Refresh spirit. (This is INCREDIBLY difficult to do and is on a small window But if done can completely cripple the Templar you're fighting) This usually will cause them To throw up UD. Kite and Damage normally
If you're CC'ed Quickly use remove shock and Refresh spirit (Hope they don't land that pull between or you'll be back on a level playing field with them.)

The rest of the fight.
Spam provoking roar (Cry of ridicule) For Courageous shield's buff and your shield skills.
Spam dazing severe blow whenever it's up (Attack speed reduction is crucial)
Repeat the process of trying to break their remove shock > refresh spirit chain.
Use aetherleash or Illusion chains to pull The templar out of A shield stance.

When they Use their Damage buffs: Feel free to Pop Iron skin or Eternal denial and fall back into Steel barricade Defense.
If you gain more than 16m of distance while kiting: Use an Anti-shock scroll to counter The inevitable pull when you get back into range (This will END their DPS phase. You can just kite the buffs out (Unless they illusion chain immediately after)

Iron skin + SBD: Hold S and kite backwards for additional defensive stats.
Eternal denial +SBD: Do the same but don't expect any kiting to work until Eternal denial wears off.

More or less you're going to be whittling each other down for a good while throughout this fight. The smarter of the two buff wise will win. Provided the two of them are equally geared.

Common mistakes:
The worst thing a Templar can do going into a fight is Burn Both their Furies right at the start of every fight.

Using multiple shields at once: (Unless you're taking heavy damage with One up this is unnecessary)
Burning CC skills on UD buffed targets
Failing to pull The target on a remove shock chain
Failing to pull The Target out of a shield stance.
Pulling a Target with an antishock scroll up.

3.4 #Gladiator
Recommended set: Block
Recomended Godstones:Blind, Silence
Required skills:Steel Barricade defense, Eternal Denial, Iron skin. Unwavering devotion.
Recommended skills:Stubborn spirit, Terraform, Empryean providence, Shieldburst.
Difficulty: Block set: 5/10 DPS: 8/10

Block set:A block set is going to make this fight IMMENSELY easier. without it Getting caught in a rotation is going to make you very screwed.

How to handle the fight: More likely than not The Glad is going to try and jump on you. Remember that your pulls don't work on targets already within 3m or less than you. They're trying to stop you from opening with it.

The second you're CC'd Pop your Remove shock > refresh spirit chain. This will allow you to Get a bit of extra health for a few seconds going into this fight. (And undo any of the damage you took While being CC'd) Back off from them. Gladiators are the ONLY class you can go toe to toe against and lose 80% of the time. You can NOT mitigate their damage enough without wasting all of your Defensive buffs.

The same concept applies as it does when fighting a Templar. Use your defensive buffs wisely. Slaughtering is one of the few skills that You want to try and kite off using Stubborn spirit. (if you have it along with steel barricade having both is recommended.) This should allow you to not get caught by their ankle snare. In the event you do get caught by the root Immediately pop Iron skin / eternal denial then fall into Steel barricade defense. You're going to take some damage, try and minimize it. (If you only have steel barricade follow these steps without the shield stance swap.

If you get caught with their physical fear (This is not a silence it stops you from using physical skills) You can still fall into Steel shield or stubborn spirit. (These are considered silence skills for some dumb reason) Of course if you have your greater healing potions this would be the time to use them, not being able to fight back is.. well it's a bad time.

The easiest way to fight a Gladiator is in sweeping motions. When you're waiting for cooldowns Stay out of their AoE range. (This is going to allow them to heal up and still get some damage off if you don't.) Run in and open with a CC Skill (if their unwavering devotion is down) And

If you're feeling brave you can try and Buff up and take advantage of their reduced defense during Slaughtering. However failure to CC them will result in you taking a LOT of damage. however it IS doable if you manage to have most of your CC skills up at the time. However this again is risky.

Remember to make sure you're spamming provoking roar (for forced block's reduced damage and keeping Courageous shield up. (The buff is an indefinite buff when used properly.)

In the event you trigger their remove shock: Jump away from them. Yes Jump You'll land outside of 3m and can pull Them to interrupt their counter stumble from the chain. If they have low ping don't bother just try and get out of the skill as it's going to stumble you if UD is down and let them begin their damage. (If you have UD up I still heavily recommend getting out of range as this skill has a pretty decent chance to stumble disregarding the UD bonus of 800. ) If you've taken shieldburst a good way to bait out the Remove shock chain from The gladiator is use Aether leash, Jump in any direction (I usually jump forward since I use mouse movement.) And use Sword storm. The "guaranteed" stumble Should flip them onto their back. Go in for a break power follow up, They should pop it. Jump away And Swap back to your shield, Get a block chain for shield counter > swinging shield counter for the stumble. Or shieldburst if you've brought it. This strategy can be repeated with shieldburst every 30s.

60% of this fight is going to be spent with you moving in a shield stance, Distance control and trying to make sure you stay out of their range. while bringing them into yours To fight. The goal is again to outlive instead of killing them.

Common mistakes:
Using reroute power (Gladiator's have the highest physical attack out of every class in the game with the trade off of low attack speed losing 40% of your p.def is going to get you killed against a glad.
Thinking Unwavering devotion makes you immune to CC(You can still risk being stumbled by a Gladiator, so be on your guard. )
Burn Both their Furies running into a fight.
Using Multiple shields when they do not have slaughtering active
Burning CC skills on UD buffed targets
Standing still
Trying to fight while in physical fear. (You can't use any skills)
Wasting shield stances
Trying to tank and spank Against Gladiator.


3.5 #Assassin
Recommended set:Block
Recomended Godstones: Blind
Required skills:Steel barricade defense, Unwavering devotion, Empryean fury, divine fury, Inquisitor's blow
Recommended skills: Stubborn spirit, Shieldburst, Punishing thrust, Prayer of resilience
Difficulty: Block set: 3/10 DPS: 5/10

Block set: Having a block set almost sets this fight completely in your favor, In the event you miss a blind, or screw up somewhere being able to fall into a shield stance and reliably reduce the incoming damage can save your life. This can also be the differentiating factor between making it to that next heal/buff's cooldown or not.

Assassin might be one of if not THE easiest match up for a Templar in terms of the rock paper scissors format. That DOESN'T mean get cocky about the fight. A geared and a smart Assassin can still Tear you to bits all the while making you look just goofy to whomever's watching this fight. I can't stress this enough, Overconfidence WILL get you killed in this match up.

Most often than not when a (good) assassin Walks into a fight he's going to have one of three godstone setups against you. (Dual wield classes Should have their godstones paid attention to (Two godstones twice the proc chance and these nyerking things dictate fights If you can't view their equipment consider the following when trying to identify their godstones)
Black smoke: Blind
White particle effect: Silence
Electricity: Paralyze

1: Blind x Blind: This one is the worst expect alot of blind Godstone Procs. Do NOT waste your greater healing pots on these, fall back into Steel barricade (Stubburn if you've brought it and your SBD is down.)
2: Blind x Para/silence Sometimes lesser geared sins (Less weapons to have) Will use this setup, In an attempt to one size fits all counter. Again, do NOT waste your potions on a Blind/silence godstone proc. (Paralyze you can't anyway so I won't mention that outside of this bubble)
3: Silence/Para x Silence/Para Some assassins will actually opt out of the blind and run two paralyze/silence or a combination of the two for their godstones. Again As much as you're going to want to do NOT pot off the silence godstone. (Yes It'll stop you from shield stancing/defense buffing. but you have legs, Kite damn it.)

Beginning: Now that we've gotten the prefixes for the fight out of the way onto the actual fight. I know you're going to want to. do NOT buff up! If he's not in stealth already, he's going to enter it if you do. Why would you want to fight a fully buffed class? (Spoiler: if you don't have to you don't and probably shouldn't if you're an Assassin. And they know this.) Instead fall into Steel barricade and kite backwards (S) For the additional defense bonuses for when they do break stealth. If you get CC'ed Pay mind to any silence godstone procs. (This will stop you from using refresh spirit not to mention leaves a HUGE window of vulnerability open) If you have a silence on you when you get cc'ed wait until it disappears to use remove shock. If you MUST use remove shock to live, or are in a situation where you DO use it. You have a fall back option which most Templars forget about. Remove shock gives you 1k cc resist for the window it's up. (Using refresh spirit or another skill in the chain however REMOVES the bonus. don't forget this) You can leave this up if you do get caught silenced while using it. IMMEDIATELY use unwavering. (This skill is crucial to fighting the sin. As they CAN 100-0 you in a CC chain godstone procced tailspin of pain. With that Segway onto the core of this fights operation)

When unwavering devotion is up: This is your opportunity to Do some damage. The most important thing when fighting a sin is keeping pressure on them. If you allow them to get back into stealth they have the opportunity to either A: Heal up a bit with some potions/rebuff etc etc. We don't want that. (Especially if they decide to wait this buff out) There's three crucial things you need to watch out for, because failure to do so will make this fight go sour VERY quickly!

The moment they use blinding flash (It's a 30 second blind, you'll recognize the icon after about 3 or 4 times of seeing it.) You NEED to pot that off with the Greater healing potions you have. (This is why I said don't waste it on godstone procs, 6 seconds is a hell of alot shorter than 30) If this blind gets "buried" (Answered in FAQ) you need to pop A defensive skill and fall into steel shield.

If you take more than 4k damage total: Use a second for the duration of the blind and fall into stubborn until SBD comes off of CD (Should be 8 seconds If you do not have stubborn and SBD as your stigmas Run until the shield skill comes back up then continue to kite backwards to reduce damage, the sin is going to catch you with ease. )
(Recommended Order to burn defensive skills in: Iron skin > Eternal denial > Terraform

Once you manage to come out of the blinded circumstance or have potted it off. pay attention for The sin's Focused evasion (blue and Cyan looking Icon on their buff bar) Remember that if Aether leash / Illusion chains NEEDS to do damage in order to pull. This is where inquisitor's blow comes in. burn the skill to pop the focused evasion. THEN pull them. (Same tactic as the Greater shock scrolls for fighting against Templars. or Iron skin for cloths) Once pulled Start up with Dazing severe blow (Lower their attack speed and p.def) Then follow up with punishing thrust. (They should be able to move by now.) You can Hit them with holy punishment to try and stun them. Shieldburst, sword storm. You should be able to at least bait their Remove shock at this point. (possibly even slip A Break power in there if not you can at least get a good portion of damage off against them.)

Remember to keep your courageous shield up like any fight against a physical class. Spam provoking roar, Fall into your shield stances when your Aggressive skills are on cooldown, standard fan-fare and you should eventually come out on top in this fight.

The last part of the fight: Most good sins when they fall below 25% are going to fall back on other strategy's to take you out. Good Assassins have been talking about how to deal with Templars for ages because of how hard we counter them. Usually in the 25-50% range of their health remaining you can wipe them out with a well placed pull and a few more swings. The problem is this is usually the point where an open world PvP assassin is going to either pop his mini transform (for a heal and Hp boost) And come back at you with renewed vigor. Or he's going to pop retreat and try and back off to stealth >Rebuff> wait out the remainder of your UD / Defensive / offensive buffs you have active on your bar. Then come back at you with everything they have.

What to do at this point: This is where You have A 12 second window. Templars and Gladiator's are the only characters that can move at Capped on foot land speed. (Wth Charge unfortunately once this is down they go back to being the two least mobile classes for running / chasing. ) If you can keep up with them using charge keep the pressure on. If your charge is down, Or they DO manage to get away. This is the usual tipping point of the fight. If you have empryean armor and a shield or two left, Get ready to use it once they pop your remove shock out of stealth. If you can't keep up with them, Heal up as much as you can (Healing Potion, Prayer of resilience Empryean armor Herb treatment if it's up get yourself as close to full health as you can) The sin si going to be coming back at you with at least 20% more health than it did when it went into stealth. (Assuming the only thing it has is the potions / buffs if they have both assume a good 25-30% more health than when they went into stealth. ) This is where the harder part of this fight comes up. You might get caught with your pants down or you might be able to remove shock and buff your defenses back up and Throw a terraform up to win it.
Maintain your normal strategy's of minimizing damage with shield stances, buffing up when you can, keeping their blind off of you, and maintaining your rotations when you do catch them.

Important notes: don't get upset if you get outright Screwed by RNG Dual wield classes can get 6% to blind on each weapon with the right illusion godstone. Etc etc, With weaving there's alot of hits you're going to be taking which means there's going to be alot of opportunities for their stones to proc. With vision stigmas Assassins also have a second blind to worry about. (It's only 3 seconds) But it's called shimmerbomb, If you see yourself hit with this, Immediately cease attacking for the duration of the skill. (It will also require you to re-target the sin.)

Common mistakes:
Full buffing at the beginning of the fight / duel
Not keeping enough pressure on the assassin and Allowing them to restealth
Failure to use shield stances
Potting off godstone and lesser duration blinds.
Allowing blind to be buried.
Failure to utilize SBD's damage reflect.
Wasting pulls on evasion ready assassins.
Forgetting that RNG is still a factor in these fights and sometimes A loss can be unavoidable.

Recommended set:Block
Recomended Godstones: Blind
Required skills: Inquisitor's blow, Stubborn spirit, Aether leash, Illusion chains.
Recommended skills:Charge!, Steel barricade Defense, Sword storm
Difficulty: Block set: 2/10 DPS set: 5.5/10

Block set: Reducing a Rangers incoming damage is by far the greatest tthing you can do, Why? Well if you're going to be chasing after someone for 80% of the fight.

Ranger is.. In a way Easier than sin, Yet in a way harder. Once you catch them It's more or less a done deal You can usually 100-50 them then 55-0 Them if you can catch them in a FULL rotation. However doing so is easier in theory than it is to actually do.

Ranger fights are going to open the same Way as an Assassin's. I know you're going to want to. do NOT buff up! If he's not in stealth already, he's going to enter it if you do. Why would you want to fight a fully buffed class? (Spoiler: if you don't have to you don't and probably shouldn't if you're a Ranger. And they know this.) Instead fall into Steel barricade and kite backwards (S) For the additional defense bonuses for when they do break stealth. If you get CC'ed Pay mind to any silence godstone procs. (This will stop you from using refresh spirit not to mention leaves a HUGE window of vulnerability open) ((Editor's note: Copy/paste is a nice thing <3))

What Rangers Lack in Evading attacks and dual wield Weaving they make up with Sheer mobility. Fights against this Class are going to be more of an Annoyance than a challenge. (Not crap talking rangers, but even once you figure out the proper way to deal with them putting it into proper practice is DIFFICULT against good rangers.) Rangers are all about keeping you at Bay unless they want you to be in range for something. This fight is going to be spent mainly doing two things: Chasing and then more chasing. Rangers are incredibly good at keeping their distance. Same concept to catching them applies as when an Assassin is trying to keep their distance. You're going to need to use Inquisitor's blow (direly more important than it is against the Assassin) To pop their Focused evasion then pull them in for the damage rotation.

Two things to look out for when trying to enter your damage rotation:

1: If they use retreat (It'll look like their's a tornado forming under their feet) and you try to pull them it'd appear that sometimes it will NOT pull. (Not sure if this is a bug, intentional, a mechanic of the skill or what but if it's up do NOT use your pulls focus on buffing up defensively when they use the skill and try to catch them.
2: If you catch them and they hit you with sleeping arrow. (Remember how I Said not to waste your Greater healing pots on the godstones again? Here's why) You're now asleep for twelve agonizing seconds. They're going to start laying traps down at your feet. Pay attention to the order they're trying to lay them in. The MINUTE you see them lay sandstorm trap down. Get ready to Try and Pot it off with your Greater healing potion. This is the ranger's version of Blinding flash(flare whatever) That assassin has. Yep, another 25-30 second blind you get to worry about if you manage to let the ranger bury it. Now initially when the sandstorm trap blows You won't wake up, It's the NEXT trap that's going to wake you up (One does a minor amount of damage and a poison the other I believe is an attempted Aether snare but I almost never see it used) Once that wakes you up, You have a VERY small opportunity to use that GHP. If not they're going to hit you with entangling arrow (Move speed slow) And you're going to stay blinded even with the potion. Turtle up and get ready to become a pin cushion for at least the duration of the slow from the Entangling arrow.

Honestly, the most difficult thing to worry about is the Sleep arrow, Sandstorm trap, and their ability to stay out of your range. Now if you're wondering why I've listed stubborn as a required skill over Steel shield and said that steel shield is the secondary against a physical class. Ranger's have two Skills that make chasing a pain, the slow arrow, and they have a Rooting arrow (name is slipping my mind) but it can NOT be potted off with a GHP Or saam kings. (may take more than one dispel to get rid of, but in this scenario you just can't due to the duration being shorter n the GHP cooldown.
However you have a significantly lower chance of being immobilized in Stubborn spirit. (+800 immobilization resist) ((<-- Editor's note: Going to number check that at some point))

The trick is to save your buffs for AFTER you've caught them. This is one of the few times that you'r actually going to use the small paralysis window from Aether leash / Illusion chains to pop your buffs then follow up with sword storm. (if you've popped their FE and their remove shock) To Eliminate any opportunity of them getting out of range of you. (If you haven't Stab them with holy punishment in an attempt to get them to pop it, Pull them back once it's said and done and then use Sword storm / shieldburst to wreak havoc.)

While keeping courageous shield up is nice, only do this if you have both stances. (You don't want to take full damage while chasing. Eventually they will whittle you down if you can't catch them, and good rangers are VERY difficult to keep in one spot for more than 7 seconds. even as the Delicious pull happy shugos we are)

Remember to keep an eye out for their silence arrow (I can't tell you how many times I've seen Templars fall victim to this when trying to RS chain) You don't want that heal / extra pull getting wasted. (yeah we have a third pull, go figure :P)

Throughout this fight, You're going to unfortunately have to deal with multiple stealth phases. (Yeah... I can hear you sighing.) There's a very good chance you're going to miss out on your UD being utilized in any proper way. (Sleep arrow > Stealth) If you have seeds of detection joke is on the ranger, If you do not however.. You may want to get used to not relying on your UD to fight against rangers. (Same for your buffs honestly) Rangers are VERY good at drawing out fights to burn buffs. Defensive, offensive, or otherwise. Be prepared to have to go in raw and unprotected for a good portion of most ranger fights.

Common mistakes:
Buffing at the beginning of the fight. Buff stacking in general for this fight is a bad idea. Don't give a the ranger a reason to sleep you

Trying to pull a target with their retreat buff up.
Trying to pull an Evasion ready target.
Failure to use stubborns immobilization resist
Letting sandstorm trap be buried.
Improper counter kiting. (Run in a smaller circle than the target at an angle in the direction their moving to counter kite)

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Default Re: Templar in 5.3 And you. (A breakdown of this nyerkhead class.)

Good guide for beginners. Nice to see someone still cares about the Templar community.

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Default Re: Templar in 5.3 And you. (A breakdown of this nyerkhead class.)

Originally Posted by iSpin - Israphel View Post
Good guide for beginners. Nice to see someone still cares about the Templar community.

Good to see You're still around Aftershock. :) Time to finish this hefty thing.
__________________________________________________ ______________________

3.7 #Gunslinger
Recommended set:M.supp
Recomended Godstones: Silence, paralyze
Required skills:Aether leash, Doom lure, Empryean fury, Divine fury, Unwavering devotion Stubborn spirit, Inquisitor's blow
Recommended skills:Aether armor, Reroute power, Iron skin, Eternal Denial
Difficulty: M.supp: 4/10 DPS: 6.5/10

M.supp: You seem confused. Why is gunslinger here? What do you mean M.supp why would Magic supression stop Bullets? In this case, it does
Gunslingers are.. (At least Aion's) The Exception to every rule you know about guns and bullets. They're not physical damage, They're magic, They strive off of magic boost and the magic damage. (Mainly fire damage) Yet they're still decked out in leather. They also are the only "leather" Class without stealth. Your defensive buffs on top of the additional M.supp should make this a very smooth fight.

However they are still the most dangerous of the leather brethren you're going to be fighting Because of the fact that they do magical damage.

Remember how we had to visually determine what Godstones the Assassin had? We're going to do the same thing here.
Black smoke: Blind
White particle effect: Silence
Electricity: Paralyze

1: Blind x Blind: This one is the worst expect alot of blind Godstone Procs.
Your saving grace being this is unlikely for Gunners to do. (Highest % to proc And More geared gunners may actually use these on you.)
2: Blind x Para/silence (Less weapons to have) Gunner Will use this setup, In an attempt to one size fits all counter. Don't waste GHP on a silence godstone proc. (Paralyze you can't anyway so I won't mention that outside of this bubble) As opposed to blind, this is one of the scenarios where I'd say go for it.

3: Silence/Para x Silence/Para Most Gunslingers will actually opt out of the blind and run two paralyze/silence or a combination of the two for their godstones. If they're running dual paralyze Pray the gods favor you on this day and RNGesus let's you live. If they're dual Silence, don't be afraid to pot these off, Silence is one of the most dangerous things a gunslinger can do to you.

The fight:At the beginning of the fight you're going to be Squaring off with a gunslinger, now these buggers are going to run as soon as the fight starts. They want NOTHING to do with you. (This is because A gunslinger fight will go one of two ways without an m.supp set: You get wrecked by them and RNG. Or you're going to utterly DESTROY them.) Now most gunslingers are going to use one of two chains on you (I mean this they're going to use these two chains than swap to cannon)
Unwavering devotion up:Canted shot chain >Reload >Canted shot chain. They're going to try and Drain your mana out. (Your UD doesn't mean crap if you don't have the mana to use any buffs) Make sure you're keeping your eye on your Mana. Use potions whenever You notice your mana fall below half. (If they're using dual guns)

Unwavering Devotion inactive:Trunk shot chain > reload > delay > Trunk shot chain for second stun. They're trying to get two stuns out before throwing a "green grenade" (Root) Then swapping to cannon to full charge attack you at exactly 17-19m (out of range of your 16m pulls... Nyerkheads..) Almost all of their cannon skills are 3 stage attacks.. Which means there's a charge timer.

We're going to go with the second scenario for the remainder of this scenario: Remove shock the stun Pop UD next trunk shot should bounce off. Throw up charge and stubborn spirit Close that distance, Green grenade's Root should bounce off, now that you've begun to close the distance the gunner's going to take off again. (You should still be relatively close to full health if you remove shock chained and are on this phase)
The gunner is going to use a skill called "Bullet time" This is Edgelord for "focused evasion" Yeah sound familiar? Inquisitor's blow will pop that pesky skill no problem You should be able to close the gap they've made with your increased speed, Once they chuck the green grenade (If they're in cannon stance look out for binding shot it's another root) Feel free to Pop Reroute power and Empryean fury. Pull them hit them with Dazing severe blow (they still use attack speed thankfully) Follow up with a shieldburst (if you have it) or sword storm. Proceed to show the gunner some fine dining and love with your greatsword (or sword and shield) This fight is one of the fights that is straight forward if you have the right set, Or a straight up DPS race if you don't.

Stubborn spirit is only being used for stopping The roots of the gunslinger, otherwise the majority of this fight should be done with your greatsword to maximize on non critical damage rolls and the additional PvP attack you're going to have over the sword.

Reroute power should be spammed every opportunity you have to use it The lack of P.Def doesn't mean anything against them.
If you can't end the fight before your UD goes down be prepared to pop a defensive buff or two in an attempt to chase them.
Remember your counter kiting. (They also have some slight heals From their skills so this can get Attritious without proper care of the fight.)

Mana management is a key factor in this fight. Plate classes have the smallest mana pool which makes it VERY easy for gunslingers to sap out your mana. Keep potions ready to keep your mana up and this fight should go relatively smooth.

Common mistakes:
Allowing The mana pool to be drained
Wasting Aether leash on Evasion ready targets
Not using stubborn spirit's Immobilization resist
Not potting off silences during Remove shock chain.
Failure to properly utilize the charge skill for gap closing
Failure to properly utilize UD's window of opportunity for the kill
Failure to keep Reroute power up as often as possible.


3.8 #Chanter
Recommended set: Block
Recomended Godstones: Blind, silence
Required skills: Empryean fury, Divine fury, Reroute power, Aether leash, Illusion chains, Steel shield barricade, Unwavering devotion
Recommended skills: Iron skin, Eternal denial, charge, Terraform.
Difficulty: Block set: 5.5/10 DPS: 7.5/10

Block set: Chanter's are a war of Attrition Any minimization of their damage is going to save your life in this fight. Chanters damage wise aren't necessarily that threatening to you, But they bring High CC with a respectable amount of healing to the table. This is where the concept of templar begins to shine. Remember, we don't win by killing our targets, we win by outlasting them. DPS classes kill things. We're tanks, Not DPS.

The chanter is a fight you need to go into with respect for the other player.
They have twice as much CC you do. They're also able to heal themselves, which is the biggest bane of your existence as a tank fighting a healer. They can not die FAR longer than you can if you let them. Chanters are a fight that will go two ways based on what weapon you see when this fight starts.

Staff: This chanter is full on DPS mode right now he MAY stay that way, But not likely, You're going to want to go after him hard, strong and with vigor.

Mace/Shield: This chanter may be in a block set, They may be a support spec as well. (Less Damage to you but FAR more heals to worry about)
Point is if you see them go into a fight with these as opposed to a staff, be prepared for a long ass fight.

The fight: You fighting the chanter doesn't necessarily have "phases". So we're going to use the Chanters Phases of the fight to dictate the flow of this fight.

The beginning is going to relatively go the same way irregardless, From whatever distance they're standing (provided they've already buffed up) They're going to throw a skill called inescapable judgement at you. (Long ranged stun) Just let it wear off. By the time they reach you the stun will have worn off. Now be prepared for hallowed strike to hit you (this will reduce your attack speed) Immediately open this fight by hitting them with Dazing severe blow. (Slow theirs back) The next CC Skill they use is when you want to pop your remove shock and use refresh spirit. (Keep an eye out for silences before doing so as always) Once you do so Pop Unwavering devotion. You should be at full "buffed" health going into this fight.

Unwavering devotion phase: You have become the chanters worst nightmare right now. He won't be able to Cc you which means he's going to most likely run in, Open with hallowed strike (again immediately return with a Dazing severe blow) To slow your attack speed then begin to try and dump as much damage possible onto you. return with your own hits. (Do not waste your buffs yet) If he falls below.. 70% seems to be the magic number he's going to try and run and use either recovery spell or healing burst. (usually starts off with recovery spell for the heal over time) You're going to want to VERY badly, do NOT waste your pull yet. Keep whittling at them (pop your defensive skills as neccesary) Once They hit 50% this is where you go on the offensive, Use reroute power and pop empryean fury (save divine for now, Or use both if you think it'll guarantee you the kill) Ballsdeep69 is going to hope you don't live up to their name. Because this is exactly what you wanna do. Pop charge after buffing Go in on them Start whittling them down, when they run, Aether leash, Pull them back keep damaging, (keep your eyes out for any physical fears or binds on your debuff bar, remove them to make sure your damage output is only mitigated slightly not prevented.) And try to go for the kill. If for whatever reason you're unable to kill them we're going to enter the next phase of the fight.

When UD is down:This is where you're going to want to start getting VERY defensive, each sweep inward puts you at as much risk as the chanter. A full successful CC chained rotation is going to put you out of business for a good total of about 7-11 seconds depending on how unlucky you are. Quick fingers are goingto be neccesary to pop a defense buff or two. (I usually pop eternal denial and then fall into SBD this usually causes them to take about as much damage as they put out) This part of the fight is going to turn into a war of attrition, Utilize your pulls to try and get their health to stay in the 40-60% range. let your pulls come back off cooldown, try to go for the kill. (Ud will have about a minute's worth of cooldown left at this point) Once the pulls are off cooldown same concept as if UD was up, save them for below 50% try and wipe them out heal wise.

The process of whittling down chanters to 50% then trying to go in for the kill is going to be a long, but is 95% of the fight. There might be an instance or twelve (ESPECIALLY if it's a support or a block geared chanter) Where you cannot kill the chanter from 50% You're going to have to try and whittle them further and further down with each attempt. If you're not sure how much more to try and whittle per attempt take a guess with how much health they have left. (If you can guess about 5-10% you're lucky) If it's more than 25% at the end of your rotation. This is going to be an incredibly difficult fight for you to do.

Chanters have a unique factor about them That you NEED to keep in mind when fighting them. They don't have a remove shock, They have TWO. (One's a skill called rise) It's not as strong as remove shock but it's enough to MURDER your DPS rotations. As it will still cause them to get free and have a small amount of resistance afterwards.
Chanters aren't like clerics in the aspect of being able to try and tank out their mana. (Good) Chanters will NEVER run out of mana. Not over the course of a reasonable fight or a duel timer. The longest fight I've Ever had with a chanter (Bless your heart Velisi you friggin monster) was 27 minutes before I finally lost. Chanters in my opinion are the most fun matchup for Templars because of how long the fights can go with both sides maintaining proper form. (this is just opinion though.)

Common mistakes:
Wasteful buffing at the beginning of the fight
Buffing before the chanter is at around half health

Failure to pull the chanter while healing
Stacking multiple defensive buffs at once.
Wasting pulls early on in the fight
Failure to keep Dazing severe blow active on the chanter as often as possible
Failure to save pulls for the chanters heals
Failure to observe the second remove shock chanters have
Failure to maintain Mana during extended fights.
Failure to pull chanters using their heals.

3.9 #Cleric
Recommended set:M.Supp
Recomended Godstones: Silence, SILENCE
Required skills:Stubborn spirit
Recommended Skills:Everything nyerking else.
Difficulty: M.supp: 7/10 DPS:9.25/10

M.supp set: The concept of outlasting your enemy comes back As strong as it EVER will against clerics. This class is honestly your best friend and worst enemy at the same time. We're going to assume they have a block set for you (It's the first set almost every cleric builds) You want to take as little damage against a cleric as utterly possible

The fight: So you've gotten the displeasure of having to deal with a cleric. These feisty little holy casters are one of the most dangerous things to you in a Scenario of fighting just them. They can out-heal most if not all of your damage if they're in a block set. They do magic damage so you're going to be taking hits alot harder than you would their chanter Counterparts Putting them WELL at the top of the list for the most dangerous class for you to fight in the Chain category. Even in a block set DPS clerics can deal a respectable amount of damage to a Templar. They still have respectable heals in their kit and are a force to be reckoned with. Support clerics May not bring as much to the table in terms of damage, But have more than enough heals and shields to keep your ass at bay long enough to kill you.
You're going to be spending the majority of this fight chasing the Cleric down with stubborn spirit up. (They have a low cooldown root that they're more than happy to let you burn your GHP's on.) The same concept applies As when fighting a chanter, Try to whittle them down before wasting your damage buffs and pulls.

In the event you CC them: They're going to remove shock and very likely pop their Shield chain off the remove shock. Try to take advantage of this and pull Them if they use remove shock, when done right they'll be missing a shield and now in front of you getting ready to take a bit of damage. However unlike chanters, they really don't care much for your unwavering devotion, Infact most good clerics will try their damndest to do little more than root or blind you in an attempt to starve you from your remove shock heal.

Follow the idea of whittling them down to 50% before trying to interrupt their shields and heals with your pulls. Try and do well to avoid their damage servant, If you can't zone them out of their servants, As much as I hate telling you to do this as you should be focusing everything you have on the Cleric; Either get out of range of them and let the cleric come to you while you attempt to heal up. Or Kill the servants and return your attention to the Cleric.

More likely than not you're going to have to do to the best of your ability to wear the cleric's mana pool down to around the 30% mark (they're really not gonna fall further below this point if they're good with mana management)
They'll get a bit more conservative with their healing and shields.
While minimizing as much damage as possible (Stubborn spirit and your shields) You want to keep as much pressure on them as you possibly can Giving a cleric even Three seconds to breathe might result in them now having 40% of their Health back.
They also have a shield that renders them unable to do anything or take damage. This is an opportunity for you. (No not to win the fight) They can't auto attack or anything, Pop some potions take a knee, let the bonus recovery from sitting do it's thing. Spam Your Herb treatment (should be able to get 1 potion the treatment off and two ticks of natural healing from sitting before the shield goes down in an ideal world they'll stay still.)

Now the cleric will probably run while doing this. You can't hurt them, you're going to waste too many big and important skills to pop the shield. Once it goes down Charge and stubborn Spirit back on top of them for pressure (Don't let them go further than 20 meters, if they do or the skill has 3 seconds left on it, stray from that plan and begin chasing again. (This should alllow idle time for you to stand up hit both buffs and get back to at least aether leash range. Which is what we want, Due to the two reasons for this shield are either the cleric almost dying or they're trying to burn a cooldown timer for a big heal. (If it's an insta-cast well not much you can do)

If you have a weapon with a silence godstone (Ideally a greatsword ) Pray RNJesus favors you. Other than that this is going to be a long uphill battle for most Templars.
Keep whittling the Cleric down and try to go into the kill from 50% Now clerics are alot more heal happy so instead of paying attention to what health they have when they begin to heal it back If you fail to kill the cleric at 50% try again at 45% (Shave off 5% each attempt if you get to 30% and still can't kill the cleric, Go for the manaburn or try and get away)
A fight against a good cleric can be summed as: Successful whittle and kill
You're never going to kill them they're going to keep healing til help arrives or until they get to safety if they feel they don't have the damage to kill you.

This might not be the most "difficult" fight in terms of class match up, But it's certainly going to be the most frustrating.

Common mistakes:
Fighting the cleric in the first place (this is a joke)
Wasteful buffing of any sort (Defensive buff stacking)
Failure to fully utlilize heals (Seen people use heals and only get partial values from being healed to full)
Trying to kill the cleric from above 50%
Repeated attempts of trying to kill the cleric from the same health level
Failure to stop their roots with stubborn spirit

Failure to Move the cleric from their servants
Failure to kill the servants
Staying in range of the Servants
Underestimating their damage
Underestimating their heals
Failure to pull on a remove shock chain
Failure to pull on clerics non insta-cast heals.
Failure to maintain own mana.

3.10 #AetherTech
Recommended set: DPS
Recomended Godstones: Blind, Silence
Required skills:Stubborn spirit, Empryean fury, Divine fury, Reroute power.
Recommended skills:Aether leash, Illusion chains, Terraform, Eternal Denial. Shieldburst DP SKILL:Hand of healing
Difficulty: DPS:6/10 M.Supp:6/10

The fight:Aethertechs are.. a strange class. You'd think them being magic based and tanky would lead them to be Outright Deadly to us. Surprisingly no, Their damage falls about where ours does against them. The easiest way to fight them is to go in and Overwhelm them. Conceptually minus the ability to pull targets Aethertechs are pretty similar to templars in the aspect of their going to be doing most of their work within melee range of you. Honestly These fights have required the least thought out of the Templar in the scenario due to the fact that they naturally are just more Tanky.

They're going to CC you pretty quickly out of the jump. Pop your Remove shock > Refresh chain. UD up to stop more or less everything but their Paralyzes. Continue digging into their health. Spam reroute power (You're not going to be taking more damage) Spam your shieldbursts for the stumbles. etc etc
The problem that makes the fight difficult is actually how simple and straight forward it is.
Every 25% of your hp lost pop a shield. Fallbelow 50% Pop Prayer of Resil, Hit 50% again Use Empryean armor.
If the Aethertech leaves their mech Stay on them and try not to give them the Ability to re-summon the mech (100% heal) If this is going to put you in a situation where you'll lose follow up with your own Hand of healing (100% heal) And take the fight from the top again.
Remember to jump away from the AT to use Aetherleash and Illusion chains.
Advanced Tactic: If you're good with moving in the game circle around the Aethertech a few of their skills are in a cone directly in front of them If you can get to their sides or behind them you may be able to dodge one or two of them by sheer positioning luck. (not to mention moving forward gives you a small boost to your attack just like moving backwards gives you a small boost to your defenses.)

Common mistakes:
Stacking defensive buffs
Failure to stop the AT from re-summoning their mech
Failure to Use shield skills.

Failure to pull at every opportunity
Failure to Keep reroute power up as often as possible
Inability to move around the AT while fighting.

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Default Re: Templar in 5.3 And you. (A breakdown of this nyerkhead class.)

Originally Posted by Emyrryl - Siel View Post
Good to see You're still around Aftershock. :) Time to finish this hefty thing.
Well, wouldn't say around. Sold my account a couple months back now. More like a lingering ghost.
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Default Re: Templar in 5.3 And you. (A breakdown of this nyerkhead class.)

Originally Posted by iSpin - Israphel View Post
Well, wouldn't say around. Sold my account a couple months back now. More like a lingering ghost.
I see Well at least you're a ghost that lingers. Trying to do the rest of this guide now lol Didn't realize how much text was going into this.
__________________________________________________ _________________


3.11 #Sorcerer
Recommended set: M.supp
Recomended Godstones: Silence, paralyze
Required skills: Stubborn spirit, Empryean fury, Divine fury, Aether leash, Illusion chains, Reroute power, Inquisitor's blow.
Recommended skills: Charge!, Shieldburst, Sword storm.
Difficulty: M.supp: 5.5/10 DPS: 8.25/10

M.supp: Sorcerer is widely reguarded as the only "Fair" or "balanced" Of the cloth classes in the game, However they are also the hardest Hitters of the magic based classes Per skill. Minimizing their damage is almost crucial for making this fight something you win with ease.

Welcome to the entry level Cloth class to beat to begin to Earn your stones As A "Good Templar" In the game of rock paper scissors Sorcerer's are the paper to templar's Rock. (Spirit master is like a phone book by this logic) A Sorcerer may be the easiest cloth match up of the three but should without a doubt be treated with the Utmost respect. ESPECIALLY if you're unfortunate enough to have to deal with one without magic supression on tap.

The fight: Honestly this is another fight that doesn't have "Phases" On the Templar's End. Sorcerer's are risk reward class. They have the same thing Templars do that once they're on cooldown their threat in a fight is SEVERELY reduced. They're going to do everything in their power to stop you from reaching them. They have plenty of Teleports To keep their distance from you (A forward and backward leap, and their remove shock leap) And they also have A Skill called "Stone skin" To boot, This give a geared sorcerer roughly 2,400-3,000 additional health as a shield. Mortal reminder that Aether leash and Illusion chains HAVE to deal damage to Pull the target. Inquisitor's blow is going to be our main tool to be used here (even with a 30 second cooldown) A crit from that will do a pretty solid 1,500-2,200 damage depending on how Squishy they are and how geared you are. Now this isn''t remotely enough to try and pull them. Your goal right now is To try and close the gap to the best of your ability, use charge and stubborn spirit (To avoid their roots they have One ranged root to worry about another they can use when you're close to them) If for whatever reason you get rooted This is likely going to be the thing you have to pot off. (Sorcerer's aren't known for CC you can get ouf of) They're the sleep masters.

Sleep is a pesky mechanic because once asleep your character is rendered useless until they take damage. (You can't pot or dispel sleeps off of yourself) This is going to stop you from being able to use any buffs. This will also help burn out the duration of any buffs you may have on at the time. (Talking about your damage and defensive buffs)

If you are within 16m of a Sorcerer that starts using any of the following skills: Sleep, Somnolance, curse of roots, Curse of old roots,
You have two options

1. You can pull the sorcerer in an attempt to interrupt the cast (this should only be done when the bar is less than 1/2 full or it's likely going to go off anyway) If you do it right the sleep is cancelled the sorcerer is on top of you and you can now begin to do some damage. (Remember if you pop their remove shock chain they're going to teleport away free of charge) Keep in mind their teleports to get away from you, They also have a skill that allows them to dodge two attacks before expiring.

2. You can pop a defensive buff(Iron skin recommended for the longer duration) and fall back into stubborn spirit in anticipation for the Sleep and now ready to use rotation. If they land one sleep consider it one of Two-three sleeps in a chain.

Continuing from scenario 2: We'll use this scenario as the example of what to do when things aren't going your way. So you've been put to sleep and now the sorcerer has buffed up. (this is why you've used your damage reduction and stubborn spirit) They're going to shoot a second sleep your way This one is an attempt to try and run out your Defensive buff (stubborn doesn't show up on the buff bar so you've got some free m.res and m.supp free of charge that the sorcerer doesn't know about) Toward the end of it they're going to begin their tear into. You're going to see their bigger skills come out.

Important warnings: If The sorcerer uses wintry armor, Stay near them, But do not hit them. Doing so is going to cause you to take 1250 damage every time you hit them (With the right attack speed and the right timing this can actually cause someone to 100-0 themselves in the course of about 1.5 seconds) Immediately cease fire and fall into stubborn with a defensive buff.
If you see any of the following skills: Aetherflame, balaur seeker, Storm strike, Glacial shroud.
Use a defensive buff and fall into stubborn to minimize damage (If they use Flame spray as well this is a bonus to catch on reduced damage as it does hit rather hard but not as hard as it's above companions.)

The hardest part is getting yourself in a position to fully go ham on the Sorcerer. However once the Sorcerer runs out of cool party tricks, Wam bam thank you ma'am. This fight is over if you can catch them. However even if you catching them (fully catching them) means certain death the same can be said about them to you.

Common mistakes:
Stacking buffs of ANY kind.
Wasting pulls on Stone skins shield
Attacking the sorcerer when they have Wintry armor up.
Failure to defensively buff up against Listed skills.

Failure to use stubborn spirit to prevent roots.
Wasting skills on Evasion ready Sorcerer's.
Inability to counter kite.

3.12 #Spirit Master
Recommended set: M.supp
Recomended Godstones: SILENCE
Required skills:All
Recommended skills: All
Difficulty: M.supp: 9.5/10DPS: 9001.5/10

M.supp: This is the hardest and probably worst class to ever have the Misfortune of fighting. Ever. With everything in their toolkit, there's no substitute, Have an M.supp set or risk almost certain death every time you fight one in an equal level of gear to you.

A "Respectable" Spirit master may Fight with Honor But the toolkit of this Class is incredibly dangerous. Probably the strongest in the game, only to be paired by that of the Songweaver. They dish out low amounts of magic damage as if they were a physical DPS (Almost everything A spirit master puts on you is a Debuff / Damage over time) Which means these ALL appear on your debuff bar. Trying to GHP off a silence or physical fear is VERY difficult to time as Spirit masters are incredibly apt at burying things against you.

Buffing against them is also Nigh impossible to maintain for long. As they have the ability to rip your buffs off dealing damage for each one they rip off. This applies to scrolls as well. (Dipping into my wallet you unforgivable nyerktards)
(This is counter balanced by the fact that they can rip their own debuffs off if they're not careful) (The most I've ever lost in one stint was 7 buffs)

On top of all this they have the ability to use fear on you. (Fear shriek, fear, fear Ginsing etc etc) I can't remember how many they actually have but I know of at least three I can think of In my PTSD WWll flashbacks of fighting these guys. That being said onto the meat and potatoes of fighting them.

Hell: the beginning: You've just come face to face with one of these mean motherhubbers. Before you can get your sword off your back You're going to either be feared or Have the debuffs start stacking up on you. Thankfully the M.supp set you've brought into this fight will allow you to live long enough to get out of this fear. (Good spirit masters stop after the initial fear as they like to challenge themselves) This doesn't mean you're out of the woods and can get back in there, not even close. Take a look at your buff bar, what's likely missing? Your scrolls. Rescroll up. (You're going to be burning alot of cash to win this fight) And start trying to close the gap, The same concept applies as to them having Stone skin as well. Use inquisitor's blow To do some damage to it, Follow up with sword storm. This should burst their shield (Pray they can't recast it) This gives you a small window of opportunity, Pull them in. Try and do as much damage as you can When they use their remove shock Try and go for the interrupt with your remaining pull. (However it's an instacast so good luck, you need to outping them to do it lol..)

Getting past the initial stone skin: This is where phase two of the fight usually begins, Most spirit masters will notice they've begun to take damage and use a skill called "Command bodyguard" or "Spirit substitution" for the oldies. What's it do? Operative word Bodyguard, This will redirect any damage you're doing to the nearby spirit. (Usually wind or earth depending on the SM) At this point you're going to want to pop Terraform (Pot off any silences that are not buried) Then use the skill to rip off all the debuffs on you. Re scroll up activate charge and every offensive buff you have. (Should be three) Hit that spirit with everything you have and kill it. (Keep rescrolling every time the spirit master rips them off, Use healing potions to mitigate as much of the damage as you can)

The spirit is dead: If you've made it this far, you've officially made it to the point where you have a chance of beating the spirit master. Welcome to the third and final phase of this fight. The spirit master may be missing half it's toolkit without a summoned spirit. But he is more than capable of royally Screwing your day up. This will go one of two ways You're going to get feared, And the spirit master will gain it's toolkit back (duration of the fear is 1s longer than summoning a new spirit so he won't be able to do much) Or he's going to try and whittle down your remaining HP. If you have empryean armor, use it. If you have prayer of resiliance use it. This is the Final phase of the fight. You're going to make it or break it here. If they got stone skin back same strategy to break it. (Again keep up with your pots scrolls and buffs) At this point terraform will be gone. Use whatever you have left and try and get a rotation off. If the spirit master decides it's time to start fear spamming to kill you, You've won the war, even if you lose the battle.

If you manage to kill the spirit master, job well done. If you don't, almost certainly this is due to you not being geared enough to handle the Spirit masters onslaught. The class is the most difficult match up, If you lose don't let it hurt your pride, You fought with everything you have. If you reach a point where you're actively killing Spirit masters, You've reached a point that I'm still struggling to reach with reliable probability (about 40/60 W/l ratio against most geared spirit masters) And this guide has VERY little left to teach you.

Consider this point your black belt and Completion of the Templar in 5.3 and you training course. The reason you were are here now is for Theory crafting and Throwing ideas against the wall.

Common mistakes: Letting the Spirit master decide to put you on it's list of thinks to "fek up"
Wasting your pulls on a Stone skinned target. Failure to notice the Command bodyguard on the spirit.
Failure to re-apply missing scrolls
Failure to use GHP and healing potions at every opportunity

(There are very few non fatal mistakes to be made against A spirit master, Assume any and all mistakes fatal and try to avoid them as such.

3.14 #Songweaver
Recommended set: M.supp
Recomended Godstones: Silence
Required skills: Aether leash, Illusion chains, Stubborn spirit. Iron skin, Eternal Denial
Recommended skills:Charge! Empryean fury, Divine fury, Shieldburst. Dazing severe blow.
Difficulty: M.supp: 8.75/10 DPS:10/10

M.supp: Songweaver is the End all Be all class of This game. It does everything to an extent (Outside of Tanking, it DEFINITELY sucks at tanking.) If every class has a weakness or a counter, This one is the sheer lack of durability when you get close to them.

Songweaver's have the ability to Do damage like a sorcerer, The ability to debuff like a spirit master, the ability to drain mana like a Gunslinger. And the ability to heal like a chanter (I won't say cleric as they can't come close to a cleric's heals.) They can also Restore their own mana. So, They're VERY capable of harming, AND stopping you from being able to harm them effectively. You want to minimize damage as much as possible as every aspect of this fight will result in you right back at square one if you miss the rotations required to kill them. Or if you are unable to kill them. Without one, You have maybe 2-3 tries maximum before you're left in a mana drought or dead.

The beginning: Songweavers have our favorite thing. Their own version of a stone skin shield. (Not as strong. But still a problem for opening phases of a fight.) Same as with it's Cloth counterparts, You have to try and pop that shield. Songweavers also have A good portion of stalling for time and buff durations. Just like Sorcerer's they have a nice portion of sleeps and roots to keep your ass at bay. (whatever the hell that actually means) Between sleeps get off inquisitor's blow and Sword storm, Get the shield down ranged wise. And pull them in. Now This pull is going to almost guaranteed to be wasted. They have an immediate defense to you doing so. They're going to sleep you and make you do a little jig. (You more or less are asleep as a penguin doing the MJ) They're going to get the distance from you root you and continue their assault. Once the sleep is interrupted; or wears off. Pop One of your furies and reroute power. (Preferrably empryean for the lower cooldown.) Fall into stubborn spirit and begin your attempt to close in on them. If you're rooted anyway You can choose to pot it off, and risk being unable to use remove shock due to being silenced, Or you can wait it out and pop a defensive buff instead if they begin to try and being a dps phase on you.

The rest of the fight: Thankfully this fight pans out similarly to that of the sorcerer, once you get past the initial shielding it's a matter of trying to live through their High damage skills. The most important one to look out for is Dragon song. If you see this skill, Throw up a defensive buff And fall into stubborn. (Minimize this incoming damage as hard as you can) This skill is gonna leave a mark otherwise. And it'll suck out some of your mana to boot. Templars have low mana pools, Keep popping your potions to keep up with the manadrain the songweaver is going to push onto you.

However what makes songweavers difficult, Is the fact they have the ability to heal themselves. Sure you can get them down to 75% from 100% but.. Remember how with chanter You have to whittle them down to about 50%, Then go in for the kill? Songweavers play out pretty similarly. If you try to kill one from 100% smart ones always have some form of Cc saved for you, beit a sleep or a root. (stubborn spirit makes you harder to root don't forget, and you can pot this root off to keep pressure) You're going to end up cc'ed they're going to heal themselves up to 80-100% And you have to take the fight from the top. Remember, if you fail to kill them from 50% try again lowering the health %age every 5%. If you get the songweaver to 30% and are unable to kill them still, This might be the end of your days.

Skills to watch out for:Like sorcerer, there are skills you want to save your defensive buffs for. (And ALWAYS fall into stubborn if possible)

Blazing requiem: This skill hurts, It's a 3 stage charge skill that takes about 5s to charge up fully but Is capable of doing 4,216 damage (BEFORE magic boost) This is on par with about glacial Shard in terms of damage. (if this crits it'll hurt.. .bad)
Paean of pain: This is a nasty DoT that's usually cast before Requiem. Not neccesarily something to Defensively buff for but if you can catch this with a silence it's a nice bit of damage you no longer have to worry about.
Treble cleave: You can't really prepare for this one as it's an instacast, but if you see Blazing this is sure to follow for a maximum amount of burst.
Soothing Hymn: This isn't something to buff up for, But something to try and interrupt with your pulls if possible. It takes 5S to reach stage 3 but once it gets there it heals for 4,211 which Will undo a break power's worth of damage. Or more depending on their heal boost. Either way it'll set this fight back a LONG way.
Staggered rest: This isn't something you can really prepare for, but if you see them cast it, Abandon any plans you had of dpsing. After 8 seconds you're going to be paralyzed for 5. They usually follow this up with a sleep for the ability to burn out your damage buffs.

If defeating Spirit masters would be you obtaining your Templar black belt. Defeating songweavers reliably would be the right to passage to take that test. Songweavers are tied for the second hardest match up along with cleric.

Common mistakes:Full buffing at the start of the fight.
Trying to kill the songweaver from 100%
Failure to defensively buff at some of the higher skills.
Failure to maintain mana.
Letting the songweaver Get soothing Hymn off.

Failure to use stubborn spirit to try and block roots.
Trying to Enter a damage rotation after staggered rest is cast.

4. 5.3 things And Theorycrafting.

With 5.3 we got some seriously awesome things Added.

New PvE set!:
Frigida Legion Armor sets (3tiers): eternal Mythic tier 1 Mythic tier 2 (these are some sexy stats)
Frigida Legion weapon Sets Eternal sword Mythic T1 Sword Mythic t2 sword Eternal Greatsword Mythic T1 Greatsword Mythic t2 Greatsword

Level 70 abyss armor/weapons: Armor set name Sword Greatsword

Level 75 abyss Armor/weapons: Armor set name Sword Greatsword

I believe The Ahersion stuff got an upgrade, I'll need to track down the names before adding them here as well. :) bare with me.

Some Theorycrafting:
This is a dangerous section, This section is where I usually attempt to deviate from the normality of Set building and try and experiment.

With archdaeva manastones getting much more common it may be possible to combine certain sets. (Perhaps our HP/block/DPS sets for PvP)
While there is still plenty to be Talked about and pushed forward, The archdaeva stones dropping in price We may be able to build better and stronger sets with ease.

+9 stones are the same price that +6 stones were a few months ago...
So we have 7 slottable pieces of gear at any given time
Weapon MH/OH/Armsfused 2h, Top piece, legs, shoulders, Gloves, boots.
(6 manastones per)
18x9:162/180 (softcap for archdaeva stats diminishing returns start getting very heavy past 180-210 to the point socketing any more of that stat will actually net you LESS than a composite stone.)
I haven't come close to these states yet. But after looking at the archdaeva manastone table.. (Linked here:

Power manastones:
Attack: 14x18: =252 attack
P.def: 72x18: = 1,296 p.def
(252/1600 attack cap from these stones alone (Rumored 1600 cap I have to confirm this but it's likely a softcap The extra p.def just makes you a monster irregardless lol.

Precision(accuracy) Manastones:
Crit strike: 32x18= 576 crit
Accuracy: 48x18 = 864 accuracy
M.acc: 29x19 = 522 m.acc
(1/5th your accuracy needed from stones alone, This disregards everything else)
(Almost half your crit value right there without any additional increases from ANYTHING)
(M.acc is good for letting your cc type skills land but outside of that won't do too much)

This leaves plenty of room open for additonal stones: (yes yes 18+18=36/42 However if we're doing this on a greatsword we still have a sword and shield we can socket on :)

so you have two options you can try and min/max These stats out. Oooor....
we can use the additonal 6 slots to do this:
HP: 195x6= 1,170 HP
Block: 48x6= 288 block
so this isn't alot but we've forgotten our sword and shield. Which thanks to our armor setup we can socket completely with Hp stones :) (That's right an addtional 12 stones for HP)
195x12: 1,170 +2,340=3,510 (You get 2,340 hp from switching to Sword&shield.)
48x12= 288+576= 864 block (On top of the shields base value + whatever block comes from your additional armor pieces shield and accessories)
Arena shield (level 70) Gives 1475 block +864 from your stones alone: 2,339 block. (without even trying honestly) Add this in with other block bonuses and we might have something here (will continue working and confirming this.)

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Default Re: Templar in 5.3 And you. (A breakdown of this nyerkhead class.)

Added PvE section: 3/23
Added: PvP Section against plates and leather3/24
Added: PvP Section against Chains and cloth. 3/24
Added: PvP against Songweavers section 3/27
Added: Recommended godstones for each class fight. 3/27
Added: 5.3 information and began theorycrafting builds. 3/27

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Default Re: Templar in 5.3 And you. (A breakdown of this nyerkhead class.)

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Default Re: Templar in 5.3 And you. (A breakdown of this nyerkhead class.)

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Default Re: Templar in 5.3 And you. (A breakdown of this nyerkhead class.)

great job <3
Alaskas - Sorcerer <3 <3 <3

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