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Default [Elyos] Returning player LF helpful Legion :>

I have a 60 cleric and 53 chanter, as well as most other classes at various levels. I really, really enjoy healing (been healing in MMOs for 10 years), but I'm thinking of maybe making my chanter my main.

I started Aion when it was first released in the US but quit after about a year. Been coming back on and off for a while, but I'm really liking where the game is at ATM so I plan on sticking around.

In need of a legion with peeps willing to help me learn more about the end-ish game stuff, what I should be doing and what's not really worth doing, that sort of thing. Very much want to get into more group/PvP stuffs.

Right now I'm leveling my chanter, Luminae, mostly, so HMU in-game or on here, which ever.

Thanks a bunch and I hope to find a nice home soon!
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Default Re: [Elyos] Returning player LF helpful Legion :>

Welcome back.

I'm a long time player on Kahrun but years ago fell out of doing instances. So... now I don't know how to do many of them and none my level.

I'm not on your server but keep looking - and asking around. Don't end up like me and be a high level w/ no Archdaeva instance experience.

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Default Re: [Elyos] Returning player LF helpful Legion :>

gosh ode, i am in the same boat as you lol
good luck finding a legion luminae!

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