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Default Wrathful Ego in 5.0

So I'm trying to make a lvl50 Wise Dragon King Tome but I am missing a mat (Wrathful Ego). I did send in a ticket but they told me I can farm the mat from the following mobs in the lower abyss:

Naduka Legion Garrison
Basrasa Legion Garrison
Satra Legion Garrison

But I think these are from 3.0? xD Anyway, I have a potato PC so I can't dual client and level a lowbie to try and look for these mats in lower level instances. The mobs in the lower abyss are 55 and below so they do not drop anything for characters 66+.

For toons that are 66+, anyone know where to look for this mat? Any info is much appreciated!
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Default Re: Wrathful Ego in 5.0

Support goofed there. Those are the three Balaur settlements in the center of Tiamaranta. :P

Anyway, those Balic materials can be farmed from the following Balaur mobs:
  • Makarah Legionaries (Sullenscale Rive in Reshanta)
  • Bakarma Balaur (DC mainly, maybe outside in Bakarma Barracks as well)
  • Anuhart Balaur (DP)
  • Indratu Balaur (same as Bakarma Legionaries, inside Indratu Fortress or in the Dragon's Blood Canyon and Nute Warrens)
  • Baranath Balaur in Dredgion (level 46-50 one)

Now, they upped the low level Abyss treasure chambers to level 45. I have yet to go inside them and properly farm, but MAYBE, those will drop for you.

As of now, as a high level character, your only hope might be DC, as it is the only source which will drop stuff regardless of level. DP could be another option, but for some reason after 5.3, it stopped dropping stuff for all levels (not sure if ntended or bug). :P
Currently counting on an infinite supply!
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