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Default Re: Hackers or Pro?

I'm sick of hacks in Aion... ruins the game for legit players. When in Dredge ( or other instance) you get 2 hit dead with over 17K health it really sends the wrong message that the only way to have a chance is to run a hack. But our illustrious GMs won't do jack about it due to the fact that most of these people are spending RL money on the game. And they wonder why people just don't care about the game anymore...
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Default Re: Hackers or Pro?

Clear hackers are like this guy. Sin with no scrolls or buffs attacking faster than typical non-hacking sins fully buffed..
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Default Re: Hackers or Pro?

I think "that guy" finally got banned a couple weeks ago. :x

Now they just need to get "the new guy" with his gliding skills in Tenacity. >_>
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Default Re: Hackers or Pro?

Unfortunately unless they make an anti cheat designed on all the current working hacks implemented it in to the next patch so when all the hackers open the game it detects it as most would not hide the program or rename it and what not. Their is no chance of catching people using the programs.
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