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Default Spinel Medals

Whats the fastest way to get it? I've tried sieging but my computer can't handle it. I do Spy daylies/dredgion. Anything more to do? Another quests?
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Default Re: Spinel Medals

Spinel Medals comes from Fragmented Spinel mostly. Other than sieges, you have:
  • Landing Reinforcement weekly quests in Reshanta
  • Winning any Archdaeva battlegrounds (except for Ashunatal Dredge)
  • Weekly Abyss rank rewards
  • War quests in Upper Reshanta and Norsvold/Iluma
  • Ceramium Medal > Spinel Medal conversion fountain in Norsvold/Iluma
  • I think KKM as well
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Default Re: Spinel Medals

Also you can do the Ashunatal Dredge quest, which you can pick up inside and gives fragmented spinels too. No need to stay through the whole thing, if you don't want to. Pug groups do that a lot and you can repeat it on your level +66 alts.
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