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Default Returning player looking for some class guidance


I am just returning to the game and as the title states I am looking for guidance on a classes. Here is what I would like but not necessarily have to be these

A noticeable progression in skill
Doesn't require a bunch of different sets
Wanted in PvE
Useful in PvP

I know it's a play what you like but honestly I remember enjoying all the classes. So, I need more than just that and FOTM isn't what I am looking for either. Just maybe a small list of classes that fit so can refine my search more. Yes I tired my Google Fu and didn't find much thank you for any help. Sorry for typos and such on a phone.
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Default Re: Returning player looking for some class guidance

Maybe songweaver and sorcerer?

Mayyyyyyyyyyybe spiritmaster. (I've seen some rock some legit DPS)

Super maybe assassin(ping + skill dependent).

Other people might have other ideas.
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Default Re: Returning player looking for some class guidance

Only took me 19 tries to login today woohoo ���� @op I agree with cheesecake on sm, and possibly sw plus it seems sw gets requested more often in groups at least on siel asmo side .
Plus as an added bonus sm,sw are pretty cheap to level as they dont require pots except in emergencies
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