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Default LV74+ AT is extremely OP dps o_O

-Attack speed 10% for 30 sec
-Attack speed buff for 5 sec with punch
-AOE taunt that deal decent dmg

They're doing insane dps and crazy fast but my AT is only lv 69 and I bored to hell already T_T

When comparing to other DPS class

Sorc - 1.30m cd Aetherflame
SM - Nothing
Gunner - Shot twice and pve dmg buff
SW - atk speed buff 15 sec 1 min cd with pve dmg
Ranger - Just a nuke arrow with 1.30m cd
Sin - Soul Slash 3rd chain maybe
Cleric - Divine Spark 50% chance and 30sec dmg skill

I mean look at AT skills and u will wow gunner come as second but after lv 70 gunner is pretty much got nothing interesting.

Well I guess I'm jealousing at AT arch daeva skills o_O

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Default Re: LV74+ AT is extremely OP dps o_O

Just screw AT all around honestly. Sometimes i feel its the new class to cheat on lol.
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