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Default School me on chanter stuns


Can an experienced chanter explain which skills stun and how to chain them together?

I started playing my chanter and she is 72 but in pvp I have fought against some chanters who can make me stunned for a long time chaining them together which I have never been able to do well.

Thanks for any help.
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Default Re: School me on chanter stuns

If you want stuns more often, you need to invest a bit in magic accuracy.
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Default Re: School me on chanter stuns

It's not just stuns, they have knock down skills also that are activated when stunned. So it's all about locking a person down.
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Default Re: School me on chanter stuns

What would the best chain of skills be to lock someone by stunning them and chaining into another stun or a knock down etc?
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Default Re: School me on chanter stuns

I can't help too much since my chanter is almost always full-support, but the only thing you need to keep in mind is to not waste stuns by blowing them when the enemy is already in another status. An example would be wasting a stun when your enemy is already stumbled or knocked-down or throwing two stun skills out in succession. Just be wary of what you're doing and when. Stun them, then when opportunity allows, stumble or knock-down, re-stun when they get back up, repeat ad-nauseum until dead. Stuns typically last for 2-4 seconds, so just keep watch of which stuns/stumbles you have available to you at any given moment. Bait someone to use Remove Shock and then go for a knockdown so you can unleash.

Also, try not to waste Unstoppable when your opponent is in stun/stumble resist states.

Stuns: Backshock, Blast, Inescapable Judgment, Infernal Blaze, Parrying strike

Stumble: Disorienting blow, Pentacle shock, Soul crush, Tremor (knock-back)

I'm probably missing a few, and the above mentioned may need to be triggered.
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Default Re: School me on chanter stuns

If the RNG gods smile upon you, the best protracted stun/kd combo occurs when you get a stun (from whatever skill) which triggers Soul Crush followed by a chance KD. Soul Crush can still be activated so, after dealing big dmg in your opponents KD state, as soon as they get up, use Soul Crush to knock them down again.

The same basic mechanic applies to disorienting blow. Get a KD by happenstance and, as soon as the player gets up, throw them back down.



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