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Default Chanter MB Promise of Earth and DMG Godstone

Is it worth it to invest magic leathers for dmg godstone ?

I know magic boost affected promise of earth and godstone but is it worth to do it in lv66+ instances ? cause I'll get about 2k magic boost with staff mantra ascension and magic boost armors but MS from bosses will make my magic boost useless ?

I just tested dmg godstone on AT and found out it boosted my dmg a lot really a lot so I wonder if it's same for chanter.
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Default Re: Chanter MB Promise of Earth and DMG Godstone

All of the other skills a chanter has scales off of our attack damage and proper weaving. Promise of Earth and that Blessing of Wind are the only relevant chanter skills that are said to scale from magic boost (does it actually even benefit from magic boost? I've never actually tested it myself). I may build a magic boost set to try this in the future but I'm thinking it is useless.
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Default Re: Chanter MB Promise of Earth and DMG Godstone

Promise of Earth deals magical Earth damage.
Blessing of Wind deals magical Wind damage.

Infernal Blaze is a magical spell too.

These skills are affected by Magic Boost, so don't forget about Magic Suppression too!
Common mobs don't have MS, elite mobs have a little, but bosses (Ultimate / legendary) and enemy players do have (in some cases, a lot of) MS.

Aion magical attack reference spreadsheet - chanter tab

Templar's Reroute Power deals Wind damage.
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