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Default @ Cyan <Tetran Supply Box>

This item is placed in everyone inventory that participated in the Elyos invasion in Nosvold at the Canyon of Lost Souls.
The boss is bugged where the item isn't placed in your inventory, a large number of players that participated cannot find their alert for their loot rights.

@Cyan if you could, please check the logs for these players and issue them out please. They participated and they deserve the loot too.

Also it seems like the bug is the same on Elyos side. It might also be the same on the other servers besides Siel too.
The alert message looks like this.

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Default Re: @ Cyan <Tetran Supply Box>

Hey there, we are currently investigating this issue. Thanks for reporting it here as well. If you did experience this please send a ticket to support and they can assist you with getting the items you missed.

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