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Default Greatsword templar?

If you wanted to be sortof a dps templar with a greatsword I know its possible i looked at all the skills. What would you recommend equiping for manastones and what type of armor? Atack? crit? M.Boost?
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Default Re: Greatsword templar?

Just need to stack +atk and +crit. I Rarely use my SnB anymore
'Plebs are needed'
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Default Re: Greatsword templar?

Crit first, then attack. It's easy enough to hit cap with the right accessories and a couple stones + food buff etc. In a nutshell, more crit=more knockdowns, =more and better breakpowers. After that, attack, and possibly accuracy depending on how yours ends up. But crit first.
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Default Re: Greatsword templar?

I do 440 crit after food/scroll

and then full attack. <-- For 2hander anyways.

Mace and Board has its merits. dont forget them!(Don't pass on maces)
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Default Re: Greatsword templar?

I have to hold back the natural urge to laugh at a Temp with a GS. That was, until I started to use one.
For more DPS get yourself a GS to switch off to. It's a very good thing to have one. Sometimes, times call for DPS.

However, a good ol' board and sword is much better for honest tanking.

Mine GS is pure phy crit btw. But don't look to me for DPS for a temp I'm build to tank.
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Default Re: Greatsword templar?

I solo'd comfortably most my templar career. Solo'd entirely till 30, then grouped heavily till 40, and then basicly found myself grinding solo mostly till 50. I would say around 1/3rd of my time as a temp has been spent in groups.

I used to laugh at templars using a greatsword... I was like 'lol, just be a glad if you want to dps everything'.

But facing facts... aion templars were MEANT to be able to focus on a greatsword as well as the sword and board. I found PVE a dream with my greatsword setup, with punishment stigma, the knockdowns, and the stun skill that has a chance to proc (and does so a fair bit for me anyway).

I switched to using a greatsword entirely in solo, and I even used it in groups when the cleric was starting to DPS themselves, as we were well and truely safe from serious worry.

Not to mention one major fact in pvp. We get ignored at high level.. and I mean... ignored. I can run around in a siege smashing clerics/chanters with a greatsword and being a real pain, and only then get the attention of someone in pvp and have to pull out the shield for some defensive action.

It will also pay to learn to switch between skills and keep your IJ and shield stun ready to use. Be whailing away with a GS then IJ to interupt, then you have a second interupt waiting with switching and smacking with the shield.

The knockdown from the GS two handed status also means you can take advantage of the knockdown trigger stigma (for the life of me I have a mental blank). And that, can have a remarkable impact in both pvp and pve DPSing.

I also never pug'd random clerics, because facing facts.. there seems to be alot of people who play aion who dont really bother to master their class... maybe this is because alot toons have been leveled with crafting.. who knows. I never have had an issue as a full crit/attack templar, and have successfully tanked draupnir, deep into it, and taking chunky agro. I have never seen the need for a block/hp build.. and never had a cleric complain about it.

Now I am 50, and looking to hit DP, things might change in regards to that crit setup but hey, I will have to find out for myself / reccomendations from people who are constantly in there.

P.S after getting my extendable mace from betoni, I have never looked at a sword again. I believe a high attack speed sword would be amazing... but the reach from my mace is a dream, and remarkable in pvping ranged classes.
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Default Re: Greatsword templar?

Gs are under-appreciated for most temps. We don't have that many GS specific skills, in fact, we only have two. But, considering that a GS has much more DPs than a normal sword or mace, it is essential in PvP and solo grinding. I thought as many; temps and GS? wtf, but when I accidentaly started using one, I fell in love with my tank all over again^^.

I stack critical on everything and have over 300. More than enough to get a ratio of 1:5 crits. Plus, who doesn't love their temp hitting for over 3000 with a punishment or break power^^.

P.S. I'm simply gloating here, but I solo'ed a lower abyss artifact with just my trusty GS. Took 20 minutes with only 13%+ attack speed. I tried with my normal sword a second time and was up to 30 minutes while the mob still had over 60% HP left. GS rule^^.

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