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Default Aion Updating Extremely Slow

Greetings All. I got the email about the reactivation event happening and thought I'd drop in and see the new changes. Only problem is my Aion Updater is going extremely slow. Right now I"m trying to update the game but at 15kbs I think the 10 day event will be over with by then!

My internet speed is fine and I've never had this problem in the past with Aion or any other MMO. Anybody have any idea's what is causing it to download so slow? Usually the 1.6 gig update would take me about an hour but as it stands now its 772 hours remaining because my speed is so slow.
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Default Re: Aion Updating Extremely Slow


I am not sure which version you are up to, but it might be easier is you download and installer the latest full installer obtained from here via Torrent method:

Also be sure to check for updates on your NCLauncher as the patcher may be pointing to legacy Web Servers.
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