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Default Fort Vulnerability Times?

What time to the forts go vulnerable on the proper time zone for each server? I started playing Aion when I was the night shift and now I'm day shift and I need to find a server where I can participate in the fort raids. I'm east coast USA so I was considering Meslamtaeda for the server transfer, but I wanted to check that they go vulnerable at a decent time.

Right now I'm playing Nezekan and the forts don't go vulnerable until 3 or 4 am my time. Great when I was a night owl, but not since I'm looking to be a day person again.

I wish the times for the fort raids were more random so I could participate, I'm really going to miss my legion when the time for server transfers comes...
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Default Re: Fort Vulnerability Times?

Marchutan is East coast, ours go vuln at 8pm/10pm.
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Default Re: Fort Vulnerability Times?

Sleep is overrated, just stop sleeping, problem solved. Until you go crazy and/or die, but hey, that's at least a week or so of no sleep away! :P

Siel/west coast servers go vulnerable at 11 pm EST and 1 am EST (occasionally 1 goes vulnerable earlier on a sunday or something, but those 2 are when the bulk of them happen) I'm also on the east coast, but I'm a college student with mostly afternoon classes (score!), so the times are fine for me for now.
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