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Default Can EU play on NA servers?

My question is this: Can someone in the UK play on a NA server given they have a NA specific game serial code?

I.e. Say I purchased Aion in Australia and sent it to my mate in the UK, he then added the serial to his NCSoft Master account.

Sup. Q: Would he have to d/l a different launcher for Aion - Are EU and NA NCSoft Launchers completely region dependant?

Any advice, especially from a CC/CM, would be greatly appreciated ^^;

- Shin
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Default Re: Can EU play on NA servers?

We have several EU players in our legion that purchased the NA client so they can indeed play on the NA servers from EU.

However, I am not sure they are in the same situation as you describe. I presume your UK mate already has the EU version loaded. Since it seems it is the client itself that determines which servers are available to chose from, simply loading the NA serial code into his Master Account may not be enough. If he loads the NA version, it may well install itself in the EU client directory and overwrite the EU client which would then prevent him from playing on those servers.

He may be able to custom name a folder in th NCSoft folder to install the NA client into, say NAAion, and have that automatically recognized as a "new" game by the NCSOft launcher similar to how one gains access to the PTS server. But that is just speculation and perhaps a GM or CM can enlighten us as to how to install two versions of the game at one time.
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Default Re: Can EU play on NA servers?

When you download and install the game, it automatically downloads it for the region you are in. It probably installed the European NCSoft Launcher and the European Aion client. Fortunately for you, it is easy to switch both the laucher and the game client to the North American client.

Since you will get him a NA copy of the game, he can only play on the NA servers.

1. Open the NCSoft Launcher
2. Click on "File" at the top of the launcher
3. Select "Properties"
4. Click on the "Advanced" tab
5. In "Region", select "North America"
6. Click "OK"

If I remember correctly, the NCSoft Launcher will ask you to restart it. Do it. Then it should do a small update on Aion to update the client to the North American version. Once it's done, you should be good to go :)
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Default Re: Can EU play on NA servers?

Fantastic! Thanks for the info guys ^^;

- Shin

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