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Default dark poeta entry quests

ok so what are the quests you need to do do enter dark poeta... can i have the quest names plz? TYVM :D
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Default Re: dark poeta entry quests

For Elyos, should be a secret summons from Leah.
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Default Re: dark poeta entry quests

only one, and its in panda u need 2 talk to heimdall and then follow his chain. then once done you goto hoarfrost, and talk to the guy near the arti. he weants a rift essence and 20 blue balaur scales( obtained off broker, or dredge etc) the rift essence off beluslan general goods merchant..

keep in mind its a very time based instance and u need a good group. Best bet is get a bunch of 55's and do nothing but s/a/b runs.

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