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Default 2.5 Legion Cloaks

Not sure if this is the best place for this post but I am looking for some details regarding new legion cloaks in 2.5.

Since it takes time to design a truely "Opulent" cloak, I really need to know if the dimensions have changed as it appears to have a larger surface area than the old one which was 256px by 256px.

In addition, I would like to get details regarding transparency. I understand that the 32bit .tga should have the ability to have transparency but few people seem to have gotten that to work.

This is pretty important to what I have planned for our new cloak so I need to know if has been fixed.

Thank you,

Daesadi - BG of Opulence
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Default Re: 2.5 Legion Cloaks

this is the perfect place, I'm having the same issue. The new design took an otherwise satisfactory legion cloak and make it god awful. I've been trying for 3 days to make the .tga file work and have had no success. NCsoft should fix the old problems before adding new stuff.
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Default Re: 2.5 Legion Cloaks

Gimp, a free picture editing program, has the ability to make a .tga file transparent. I edit my pic in Paint Shop Pro, make my background a solid color, save it as a .tif, .jpg, or .bmp and import it into Gimp. Then I select my background color and make it transparent and save it as a .tga file.

You could just edit the whole image in Gimp, but I seriously cannot stand working with the program.

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