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Default Daevanion Armor

It would be nice if the Daevanion armor was a repeatable quest so I do not have to keep deleting and creating new Char in order to complete a set. If you make repeatable once every Lv until you get a complete set Lv 30-31-32 and so on.people tend to get tired of having to delete and create char every 30 Lv.
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Default Re: Daevanion Armor

Would be too easy then, and it doesn't fit in with the lore. I would love to see it be implemented though, I have a few chars that I want to get the set on, skin as well!
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Default Re: Daevanion Armor

IMO this wouldn't be so bad if we had at least 10 character slots in total. IMO we should be able to have 8 characters per server.
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