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Default Magic Boost formula

Please excuse me if this is old news... but I'd just like to confirm with some people just to make sure...

If i remember correctly, prior to 2.5, every 1200 mb would give you about double the damage of a skill's tool tip. So that would be a 1% increase in tool tip damage for every 12 mb. A simple calculation tells me that with capped out mb (2700), we'll be getting 3.25x tool tip damage.

Today, a cleric friend of mine with 2700 mb tested some skills on the training dummies and here are the results:

With 0 mb:
Storm of Aion IV - 623
Slashing Wind II - 656
Divine Touch III - 949
Smite V - 468
Thunderbolt IV - 745

With 2524 mb:
Storm of Aion IV - 2117
Slashing Wind II - 2227
Divine Touch III - 3221
Smite V - 1589
Thunderbolt IV - 2530

With 2700mb:
Storm of Aion IV - 2227
Slashing Wind II - 2343
Divine Touch III - 3390
Smite V - 1672
Thunderbolt IV - 2662

The data here shows that with 2523 mb, the skills are hitting for about 3.4x tool tip damage. With 2700 mb, the skills are hitting for 3.57x tool tip damage. This is already different than the expected 3.25x at 2700 mb. A 173 difference in mb created a difference of .17x tool tip damage. With the old formula, it should only be a difference of about .14x.

I can only assume that the magic boost forumla has changed from linear to nonlinear, at least passed 2500. Please point out any errors I've made (if any), it's late and I had a long day .__.
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Default Re: Magic Boost formula

Tooltip Damage + ((Magic Boost/(knoweldge/10)/100) * Tooltip Damage) = Actual Damage

Is the damage formula - Works for sorcs in pve up to 2700MB.

Not sure if the dummies have any base ele defense, which might be effecting your skills.

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