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Default Re: Aion Boss Respawn Timers

Originally Posted by Noly - Siel View Post
When I think of a world boss, I think of an alliance worth or more should have to come to take it down.... Nuaka and such not so many but I see him 2 manned a lot and think it should at least take 10...
Nuaka isn't a world boss. Grand Chieftain Kasika is the world boss.
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Default Re: Aion Boss Respawn Timers

It's not just the world bosses that need random spawn timers and positions - it's the normal rares as well. I know of at least three players on my server (not sure whether these are RMTers or not - I'm assuming not) who camp most, if not all, of the morheim/lower abyss rarespawn locations and seemingly appear within a few minutes of the spawn ticking over to claim the creature. Every rare should have a few different spawn locations spread out over its area of the map and not have a set spawn timer... otherwise a lot of us aren't going to see any benefits from having those mobs in the game.
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Default Re: Aion Boss Respawn Timers

They should add an assortment of bosses to a specified area in the ground abyss that respawn every 4-8 hrs and drop some nice loot..preferebly ones that can be taken down by a single group...would give a nice active area for PvP and keep ppl coming.

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