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Default Re: Welcome :)

Originally Posted by Alkazor - Israphel View Post
Fixed for accuracy... I know more sin tanks than glad tanks that are good. Just sayin'
And you only know 1 Sin Tank so that says alot :p

Raptor Gezus brought to you by: Jashin

Now known as Gebuz of Kahrun
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Default Re: Welcome :)

Originally Posted by Geotherma - Israphel View Post
LFG: Looking for Group
LFM: Looking for More/Members
CC: Crowd Control
DPS: Damage Per Second
Deeps: Damage Per Second
MM: Mistmane
BC: Black Claw
KHQ: Kaidan Headquarters
SR: Steel rake
DP: Dark Poeta
DP: Daeva Points
WTB: Want to Buy
WTS: Want to Sell
SM: Spirit Master
Sin: Assassin
Glad: Gladiator
Temp: Templar
Sorc: Sorcerer
LOL: Laugh Out Loud
Asmo: Asmodian
FT: Fire Temple
DoT = Damage over Time
Pat = Patrolling Mob
Inc = Incoming Pull - Used for when a tank is pulling
DPS = Damage Per Second(Those who specialize in damage, Assassins, Sorcerers, Gladiators and so forth)
Tank = Templar or, in some rare occasions, gladiators, to take the damage instead of the rest of the group
LFG = Looking For Group
LFM = Looking For More
Dredg = Dredgion (Won’t become that important till you start spending most of your time in the abyss), a large Balaur flagship which is very powerful...appears randomly in the abyss.
Sin = Short for Assassin (Cause the majority of the population obviously don't know for sure how to spell 'ASSASSIN')
Temp = Short for Templar
Glad/Gladi = Short for Gladiator
BRB = Be Right Back
AFK = Away From Keyboard
WB = Welcome Back
LOL = Laugh Out Loud
LAWL = Funny different version of LOL, same meaning.
NYERK! = A word used for when you make a crude joke, or to replace offensive
words. "Son of a NYERK!"
AP = Abyss Points
MP = Mana Power
HP = Health Points
PC = Player Character OR Physical Critical
NPC = Computer Controlled characters
OOC(Role-play term) = Out Of Character, commonly symbolized with two
brackets "((<message>))". You won’t see this unless you socialize with Role-player’s =)
IC = I C(see) OR In Character(Roleplaying Term)
BioB = BIO Break. When nature calls, it calls, even Aion is not that important ^_^
Agro (Or Enmity) = When you attack a creature in the world, which is controlled by the
computer, you will pop up on its 'agro meter'. This cannot be seen by you, but each mob
has this meter. The person with the highest agro count is first priority for the creature,
and it will try to kill that person first. Tank should ALWAYS be in the top of this meter.
Excessive damage or Agro increasing abilities can increase your agro, while lack of damage or agro decreasing abilities will decrease it. Upon death your agro count is reset to 0.
Mob = Slang for a killable computer controlled creature.
DoT = Damage over Time. An ability which deals damage over longer periods of time.
HoT = Heal over Time. Same as DoT just heals instead.
Morh = Morheim
Brust = Brusthonin
Alt = Alternative Character. A lower level character created by a high level player to try
something different. If your assassin is level 25, and you make a level 1 Mage, that mage
would be your ALT
Main = Opposite of Alt. Main is your highest character, and the character you spend the
most time on.
Gear = Character equipment. Chest piece, boots, gloves, earrings, necklace, rings, etc.
Panda = Pandamonium, Asmodian capitol
Raven = Slang for Asmodian, used by Elyos
Crow = Slang for Asmodian, used by Elyos
Asmo = Slang for Asmodian, used by both factions
Pidgeon = Slang for Elyos, used by Asmodians
Elmo = Slang for Elyos, used by Asmodians
RL = Real Life
Pots = Potions
Tail = Tailor
BS = Bull<BLEEEEEEEEEP> or Blacksmith
Alch = Alchemy
Vit = Vitality
Fort = Fortress
G8 = Gate
L8r = Later
Gr8 = Great
1337 = 1(L) 33(EE) 7(T). LEET, slang for Elite. Something is powerful, like a good piece of
gear. A skilled player would be considered 1337
Loot/Lewts = Equipment, materials, etc. dropped by mobs after you kill them.
ROFL = Roll On the Floor Laughing
Rifting = when a group of people jump through a temporary portal that transports you to
the opposing factions’ homeland. Used to PvP. Can be very fun if your group is big enough
and come across some easy Elmo’s =)
Ganking = When several high levels, or people with very good gear, come across a lone
player with much less gear. When these well geared/high leveled players kill him with a
few, or sometimes a single shot, which leaves the other player completely defenseless.
This is ganking.
PvP = Player vs. Player
PvE = Player vs. Environment (Going to instances like FT, NTC, TC, BC, SR etc. is
considered PvE.

Can you add RNG to your list? I am not even sure what it means... Thank you
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Default Re: Welcome :)

Dun dun dun
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Default Re: Welcome :)

Thanks, this is a great thread for new people like me. Aion doesn't explain all that much from the outset so I felt pretty overwhelmed until browsing this. Level 8 and climbing woo hoo!
"Happiness is just one more level away!"
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Default Re: Welcome :)

Purpose: To show visually the gear sets side by side for comparison.
Note: Unfortunately I was most the way in when I realized I had forgotten to put the Eternal Divine gear in the mix. So instead it is listed at the far right of the pictures. I'm sorry for this, but it was an mistake that would take me some serious time to correct now...So just remember the far right IS NOT the best set. So here it is.

For the crucible coliseum there are five sets of gear for each class.

These sets are:
Divine (Fabled)
Divine (Eternal) Alternate set for Sublime. (Eternal)
Sublime (Eternal) Alternate set for Divine (Eternal)
Stately (Eternal) Alternate for Noble (Eternal)
Noble (Eternal) Alternate for Stately (Eternal)

The stats are slightly different, so it's up to the player to chose whats best for them.
In that order. (As far as I can tell.)






I hope this helps with those who are more visual like myself.
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Default Re: Welcome :)

This is Coolpix.

Geo, you are overpowered in the forums.
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Default Re: Welcome :)

Raven = Slang for Asmodian, used by Elyos
Crow = Slang for Asmodian, used by Elyos
Asmo = Slang for Asmodian, used by both factions
Pidgeon = Slang for Elyos, used by Asmodians
Elmo = Slang for Elyos, used by Asmodians
Corbeaux = Slang for Asmodian, used by me... ^__^ hehe
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Default Re: Welcome :)

I call Templars and Glads "PingPing" like when you hit a tin can ;) I'm hoping it catches on lol
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Default Re: Welcome :)

My character is a tin can with boobs... ping ping...
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Default Re: Welcome :)

I'm new to this. Just wanted to say hello :)

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