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Default Steel Rake Cabin quests

Anyone find any quests for the new Steel Rake Cabin?

I found one over on Black Cloud Island and one by the instance entrance. Anyone else find any scattered around randomly? Ended up finding a 20 quest repeatable for a gold helmet too.
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Default Re: Steel Rake Cabin quests

There's a quest from Ludina in the tavern for a repeatable that gives Steel Rake gold shoulders after 20 completions. Might have to do a pre-quest for it though; I only got it after doing another quest that was turned into her.
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Default Re: Steel Rake Cabin quests

from what I've seen so far, one repeatable for gold shoulders inside tavern, another one for gold cap/helm/bandana/whatever, its another shugo in the right direction from tavern not left as you go to entrance and another quest near entrance for gold coin. there are other quests scattered in sanctum but for the group one and those are just one time i think. so, at least 3 quests to go in for solo instance, same as kromedes trial.
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Default Re: Steel Rake Cabin quests

It's just the same quests that you did in SR Mid in the past.

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