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Default More Armor Skins

Well I think we need more Armor skins available for players. I am getting sick of the same armor, and not being able to find something I like to remodel my gear with. I so happened to be in Pandemonium, in the Prosperity Road district in the Dressed to Kill store. Inside I found armor skins that you could use, but weren't at to-to high of a price, as well as there were Weapon skins, but that's not what I'm here to talk about. I noticed that the armor in that building were all white items with no bonus use other than to be used as a skin. I had compiled a little armor set in which I wanted to skin my gear with. The problem is that you can only skin armor within its armor type, (leather w/ leather) and so on.. That is where I have my problem, because the gear that I want to use to remodel my current gear with, happens to be cloth armor (I wear leather). If this whole building has no use other than to buy skins, then my thoughts are that the armor should be scheduled as "costume" items, that way the developers can keep everything as is, keep each piece of "costume" under its original armor type and leave the same name, but maybe add costume at the end or something, but let players use different armor types to skin their gear with (cloth skin on leather armor or plate skin on chain), whatever. Because as of now that building is currently useless, the only useful vendor in that building is the weapons vendor, because they have some decent looking skins. The armor vendors on the other hand, have ugly skins to begin with, with just a few good looking skins. So if these vendors would sell their armor as if they were a costume, then it would help render that building from being completely useless. Like I said all things in that vendor aren't all that good looking, so being able to mix and match various armor types would help a player get the desired look he/she is looking for, as well as it will further diversify how each individual player looks.

If anyone has some input please share, and sorry I know the picture is small.. can't figure out how to make it bigger.

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