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Default Re: What would you ask a Dev?

Mine are sort of petty, but I actually want to ask them these lol:

Are there any plans in the future for more classes?

Will there ever be quests/instances in which asmos/elys have to work together to complete it? Probably some people are gonna be like "CAREBEAR" but idk..I think lorewise it would actually make sense in the 3.0 arc, and it would actually be kinda cool.

Will they ever release an Aion concept art book? I'm actually surprised they haven't already. I'm an artbook collector, I even already have the GW2 one, but it would be awesome to see a bunch of unreleased Aion art.
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Default Re: What would you ask a Dev?

I'm with Ronove on the Artbook thing.

I'm with Aeylia on the flight combat issue.

I'm with Bittena on flying to more areas.

My question, is why are boss loot tables to scattered and messed up? It seems so hard to progress at certain points in this game in terms of gearing up. Shouldn't the people who have run something time and again be rewarded for it? Maybe a less diverse loot table would be in order, because let's face it, people have run tons of content, and never walked out with anything past sparse greens or blues. The drop rate updates were miniscule.
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Default Re: What would you ask a Dev?

To the Dev(s) of Aion:

Why do you not listen or care about anyone outside of the Korean playerbase?

Why isn't there anyone in the entire corporate structure of NcSoft Korea or NcWest that knows about how to change certain aspects of a game to cater better to different audiences in different parts of the world outside of Korea/Asia?

Why do you hate us? :(
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Default Re: What would you ask a Dev?

I'd like to know why flight combat hasn't been expanded on.

I'm not a fan of it in its current form, though it can be a fun change of pace during sieges, but, as a rule I try to avoid it on my assassin.

AION was designed, and marketed with the flight PVP mechanics being a huge factor. Do they plan to expand on this in the near future? And make it better for melee classes, and fix the issues with closing gaps in air combat PVP?


Are there plans to add more skill bars for keybinds? I am, and i'm sure most people since 3.0, are pretty much completely out of space, and had to sacrifice a lot of keybinds to make up for the new skills.

There are some builds that I will pretty much never be able to make work simply because they require more raw skills that aren't chains, and my skill bars are limited.
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Default Re: What would you ask a Dev?

Most importantly: why is it that in just about every other modern MMORPG, and even in the many older MMORPGs, there's an option to adjust what the chat window looks like at least by adjust how transparent or opaque it is, but not in Aion?

I sometimes can barely read what people say in a chat window at times because there is no background opaqueness whatsoever. It shouldn't even be an issue, and yet here we are in 2012, 3~4 years after release, and the chatlog background is still unadjustable.

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Default Re: What would you ask a Dev?

I have something sort of petty as well.

I know many people care about big deal game mechanics, but on the other hand, a lot of people care about the Fashion of Aion. Everyone wants to look as kickass as their skills are.

So my question is, are there any plans to allow the masking of say leather on chain, or any other inter-material masking?

[I don't even necessarily mean like Plate onto Cloth for the magicians, even just letting characters mask with what they can legitimately wear would be nice (ex. Chanters could mask all their gear w/ leather, cloth, or chain) which I understand would cause some people to get the short end of the stick but hey... not everythings always fair right?]

And another one, will we ever be able to mask wings?

Because lets face it, some wings stats are extremely outdated but that shouldn't mean that the wings are now completely forgotten about, this would breathe new life into a lot of those old wings. (The Project Drakhanhammer level 50 Campaign wings for example...)

And frankly, some wings with great stats some people just find plain ugly.

I feel like those two simple changes would add a lot more customization to the game.
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Default Re: What would you ask a Dev?

I take it if you do meet the devs... You'll be able to only ask them so much, so I'll try not to go into detail.

I would ask about:

Lack of AA (Antialiasing) for hq engine
There is a thread on this that goes into depth on this, and it's a bit embarrassing coming from a game that's suppose to be high quality.

Terrible Landscape Textures

I could be nitpicking here, but the landscape looks terrible for both elyos and asmodian areas. The textures are a bit low res and all stretched out. This is with max textures on. The objects and buildings are just as bad as well.
I would ask them about having an option for a high res texture pack, I mean if they put in all that effort for a hq engine option this should be feasible.

A button for switching channels somewhere on the UI
The current location is a bit obscure and very easy to miss if you're not looking for it, it wouldn't be hard to put a button in an obvious area like by the mini map.

Try to extend seasons beyond the housing areas
This is probably too much of a long shot but it would make way for more immersion and uniqueness in an mmo...


There doesn't even need to be content for swimming. Just the animations and lack of drowning would be nice.

Finally... something that they would probably ignore...
Have a set of devs in the west so that we get faster localizations and more specialized content aimed for us
Or, you know, modding capabilities since the community could handle itself.
Just the fact that aion went f2p means that it didn't hit hard enough. This is primarily due to the fact this is a korean mmo for korean audiences with english text slapped on to it. However, with a bigger range of audience that came in b/c of the transition, this would be the best and last time to ever do something like this.
If they wait.. then uh... good luck keeping the mmo alive over here, ff they even care about it...
Though considering the devs probably don't make decisions like this, I would at least ask them about how they view their western audience and how they plan to keep them interested.

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Default Re: What would you ask a Dev?

I don't want 'seasons' outside the housing areas unless the RNG and scheduling were modified a bit (and easily viewable) so that we could predict when something would spawn instead of having to just guess at it. So damn sick of the entire game just being RNG-style. Might work for Koreans but not for a western audience.
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Default Re: What would you ask a Dev?

When is the level cap being raised again?

Will the next level cap not be so easy to run thru leveling. (really miss the days for struggling for levels in games where each level meant something and was a real accomplishment in games.) We seem so catered to that levels mean next to nothing.

Would be nice to see 61 to take 1 billion plus the way structured now and large jumps each time after that. a level 61 should know fighting a 63 would most probably end poorly regardless of classes.
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Default Re: What would you ask a Dev?

why dont you have GMs in game to insta ban cheaters?

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