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Default Re: What would you ask a Dev?

Originally Posted by Columba - Israphel View Post
why dont you have GMs in game to insta ban cheaters?
This is the silliest question I have seen and the answers are so obvious!

1. Most people playing Aion do not cheat!

2. Most cheaters do so secretively to not get caught!

3. The odds of a GM in game catching someone cheating would be almost nil! The GM would have to be in every region and instance of the game at the same time. That is impossible to do! Even if they had 100 GM's in the game the odds of catching someone cheating would still be so low it would be useless.

Now I could see them logging a GM in the game for 2 hours a day and banning users spamming gold in chat. That would make more sense.

But I doubt they would go that far to do that even.

I am starting to think they are the ones running the gold farms to make extra money hehe
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Default Re: What would you ask a Dev?

2 question related to graphics.

1. Are you (Dev) thinking in made a fine tunning about the engine or textures, or lighting effects, or shadows, to made more enjoyable experience in Massive PVP, like sieges? I know about the BGs in Aion 4.0 and I love BG in MMORPG, when the action is constant and smooth for the eyes. Actually I use Geforce 560Ti GTX and cause of poor FPS in siege, I use Shift+F12 to only see my group in alliance, this is so sad, the Cryengine is a really good engine, with a lot of capabilities, this optimizations don't be a problem for this 3D engine.

2. The textures are left outdated over time, and stop being so dramatic as the first time, the question is, Are thinking in improve or modify? some are so ugly (concrete and walls), and some others are very small, like grass and sand, this at high views are like farms.
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Default Re: What would you ask a Dev?

Questions.. Humm.

Not so much an question as a request.


Add a switch in crafting where you can insure that what your crafting does NOT proc. (sometimes you just do not want the proc result! I know seems strange but trust me, it happens!)

Something to IMPROVE the chances of a crafting proc would be good. I do tailoring in game and I (and other for certain) have yanked out hair and done ourselves bodily damage after a several days of crafting mats up for "The Item" only to have the "Normal" output time after time after time...after time.

I've been working on turning out a number of master recipies and have not once had a proc result that I can recall. I understand that at one time there was "concern" that to many crafted items of legendary quality would imbalance the games econ. I've been playing since 2009 and honestly.. crafting gear, even the top end stuff is still not as good as much of what drops in instances, or what is availible from PvP rewards. It's just silly in retrospect to have the proc probabilities as low as they seem to be.

Thanks for I hope listening.
Bittena sends.
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Default Re: What would you ask a Dev?

PURPLE Griffo...

I should of been clearer in my original whines... I mean... requests.
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