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Default Rentus Base Speed Run Guide

How to do Rentus Base
Everyone seems to not know how to do Rentus base,or at least not how to do it properly/efficiently.

You can get to the first boss easy. Almost no mobs will aggro(Vasharti Sikars beside catapults) So just avoid them and you'll be at the first boss.

Boss 1(Difficulty=easy)
Pagati Tamer Nishaka-Eternal Shields drops(both types)

Has two mobs side by side, that should be taken down with ease. After taking down the mobs, just tank and spank. She has random aggro, so healer has to watch out who to heal since it can be anyone on the team.

Again, you don't have to worry about aggro as long as you follow the path and avoid mobs near the catapults. Before arriving at the next boss, there will be a patrol of 2 Vasharti Sikars and Vasharti Sikar Search Cavalry in the middle. Wait for the patrol to go away, and immediately rush the two Vasharti's(mobs), Vasharti Sikars and Vasharti Sikar Search Cavalry on the left. A Vasharti Sikar Search Cavalry will always spawn an add after it dies and it it's not a push over like the ones at the start. I would usually preferably take on the patrol next, and then go straight to the next boss.

Note: if you don't take out the pat, and take out the skyrider instead, you may aggro the mobs when you are temporary(frozen) in place while encountering the second boss. You may wipe or lose 1-2 members since no one can move for ~7 seconds

Boss 2(Difficulty=easy)
Umatha the Crazed-No Eternals(just fabled class specific)

A joke elite boss. Just get into the siege weapons beside him and kill him with it. A few shots and he'll be down. The adds he gets at the start can be 1-2 shotted, by DPS.

Boss 3(Difficulty=easy)
Zantaraz-No Eternals(just fabled class specific)

There are total of 6 brown siege engines, and two blue ones. Take 1 blue, and and 5 browns. The Blue one will be the tank, taking all aggro. NEVER dismount during a fight or you will die here!
Blue engine-first ability makes a target invincible temporarily
-second kills an enemy and absorbs all it's hp into it's own
-third is an AOE taunt to grab aggro
-fourth is speed up

Brown engine-first ability is point and click for 15k-25k dmg aoe
-second is put a trap down for aoe dmg(not useful)
-third is speed up and grants 10% HP recovery every 2 seconds for 6 seconds
-fourth ability is a siege mode that puts yourself into place, and does 60seconds channeled damage to a single target in a limited range

After clearing the mobs, the I like having 5 ppl sieged, Blue just tanks and makes sure the brown's don't take any damage.

Once the boss is dead you will all dismount.[/B]

Stick to the left, and aggro mobs appropriately There should never be a 3 pull. If so, always take the Vasharti Sikar first and Vasharti Sikar Search Cavalry last. If you want to look for jewelry boxes in the houses, you don't to go in, you can just tab from the door outside to see if there is one spawned in the house. You will come across abridge with Boss#4.

Boss 4(Difficulty=hard)
Tarotran-No Eternals(just fabled class specific)

Not really hard, just a pain in the ass without an SM. I will not bother explaining and skip this boss. To skip the boss, just run past him to the right corner, and he'll deaggro after two attacks.

Start clearing the mobs on the left until you get to the patrol with 3 mobs(2 Vasharti Sikars and Vasharti Sikar Search Cavalry). Like I said before, I'd advise the same approach and take this pat out before moving on to the boss, because you will be stuck in place for 7 seconds, and if one person aggros, it will suck.

Boss 5(Difficulty=easy)
Ambusher Kiriana-No Eternals(just fabled class specific)

Exactly like Umatha the Crazed(Boss 2), kill the two adds, but this time without the help of awesome siege weapons. She's just an elite. Tank and spank.

There is technically a glitch here to skip all the bosses until Brigade General Vasharti, but it takes a long time and may fail(get stuck and have to return and come back in). I find it more efficient just to kill the bosses.

Boss 6(Difficulty=Hard)
Captain Xasta-No Eternals(just fabled class specific)

This guy is no joke. This person separates a good group and a bad group. In a way, it's a DPS race to see who kills who first. You want to do MAX DPS at the start of the fight. Pop wow, mau, and w/e you got until he puts on this shield that last for ~15-20secs, where you can't hurt him. He will spawn adds during this time. Usually groups of 2. He will continuously spawn more adds until he is dead. Always DPS him down when his shield is down. I would have the tank mark this boss, as the adds kinda cover him, and shout when the shield is up or down. After he is down, he will dismount his dragon, and it'll be a joke tank and spank fight. He USES MANA TREATMENT that takes up like 4 seconds of doing nothing. Anyway DPS race for the first part, and easy peasy once he's dismounted.

Cross the bridge, avoid the mage, everyone should go down the stairs and stick to the right. An assassin will spawn on the stairs, and pull it to the Sikar. Down those two, head to the next sikar, another assasin will appear on the way. Down those two. Head to the stairs, and kill the assassin that appears there on the right. Avoid the mage if possible(you can kill it easily if you aggro it), and head to the boss room. Do no aggro the boss (or risk locking out your whole team)

Boss 6(Difficulty=Fun)
Kuhara the Volatile-No Eternals(just fabled class specific)

For this battle, only the tank and cleric or chanter is really necessary. Tank takes full aggro and priest heals. This guy does almost no damage, and the only thing that will kill you are the bombs he summons. That is the key to winning the battle, use the bombs against him. Oil Casks will spawn at one of the four corners of the room. For Glads, just run to the Casks and wait for the boss to come, and then break the casks. Bombs will spawn and run away. He should take about 20% damage if the boss was on the oil.
You can technically accelerate the battle with sorcs using flame cages or DOTS that will go on him, but it is so little damage, that I see it unnecessary.
A chest will spawn after he dies, if you have a SM, Spirit Erosion it and head to the elevator.

At the top, once you exit, two assasins will spawn, kill those two, and go to the sikar in front. Going straight forward will bring you to the next boss fight.

Boss 6(Difficulty=Easy)
Archmagus Upadi-No Eternals(just fabled class specific)

Just like Umatha the Crazed and Ambusher Kiriana. Two adds, and drop him.

Head to the stairs on the left or right, and enter the room for the last boss fight.

Boss 6(Difficulty=Hard and long)
Brigade General Vasharti-Eternal Weapons and dragon mounts.

Have you met BT HM Isbariya? Well he's similar but much more of a headache and harder. It's not so much he's doing damage to you, it's you damaging yourself by accident!

Phase 1

He will cast a red or blue buff on himself during this stage. If you don't have the right buff, you will take reflect damage when you attack. If you have the wrong one, it will suck even more. To obtain the move, stand on top of the respective fires. There should be a red fire on one side, a blue one on the other. It usually takes 1 second for the buff to kick in, so don't get too hasty if and attack right when you stand on it. Sometimes it may even take 2-3 seconds. Make SURE you have the CORRECT buff if you are DPSing him. None of the healers should be taking the buff or dealing damage. Healers will stand on the side lines healing. The buff protecting you from reflect actually does around 400-500 damage per attack you perform. Better than taking full damage back from reflect, but it still hurts. That is why assassins are HORRIBLE for this fight. IF you plan to bring an assassin, make sure you have a really good healer, or more than one priest class.

He has 2 moves he performs. The important one is "FIRE COLUMN". 7-8k AOE damage around 5m around him. Several hits and knocksdown. Always AVOID this move if possible. He has another move which I forget what is was called. Targets 1 player for 3-4k damage, and anyone around that target, or during it's path there. Nothing to worry about.

Spawns two adds. Fire(Red) and Ice(blue). Blue can only be taken down by physical attacks(use chanters, rangers/sins), and red can only be taken down by magic attacks(sorc/sms). If you don't kill them fast enough, they will annoy your cleric and perform a move that will eat 4-5k MP. They are easy to down so it shouldn't be a problem.

Phase 2
BF Varsharti runs to the middle and prepares to jump in the air. He doesn't not have a buff during this time(no reflect damage), so you have about 2-3 seconds of full on dps. He will then have a huge shield on himself(don't bother hurting him) and starts dropping meteors around the room. Circles on the floor will indicate where they will drop, so you can avoid them. During this phase you will have a speed buff that will help you avoid it. Usually during this time, it is a good time to eat food, pots, and heal up.

The boss switches between the two phases until he is dead. I've run Rentus base a total of 17 times in the last 3 days. 0 eternal drops. This guy dropped me a blue belt, a blue helm, both, or nothing.

I think this game hates me, but I know the weapons drop here. Hear people seeing mounts and weapons drop.

Happy Rentus base running!
Note: I may or may not add pictures tomorrow, depending how I feel.

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Default Re: Rentus Base Speed Run Guide

Rentus.... Aion 3.0s new Dark Poeta in a way.... Drop wise that is.....
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Default Re: Rentus Base Speed Run Guide

So there's a really cool trick you can do with the last boss. When he runs to the middle to start the meteor attack, if someone manages to switch aggro, he just runs to them and doesn't use the attack. I've managed to go the entire fight without one meteor falling. I usually switch back and forth with the sorc, since it's easy for them to keep up provided I don't taunt too much.

As a matter of fact, my makeup is temp, cleric, chanter, sorc, and I think our system is pretty good. The chanter is our main heals, while cleric basically AoE heals every so often, but mostly DPS's. If I don't do a lot of skills, I don't take too much reflect damage, allowing the chanter to keep me up, the cleric to get more DPS in, and the sorc to keep up in aggro since I'm not putting a whole lot out.

Btw, temps shouldn't be afraid to get hit by Fire Column. If I have the HP to survive the hit, I always run in when remove shock is off CD, that way I can get Refresh Spirit up. The heal negates the damage I took, and I give myself a bigger HP pool to help out the chanter.

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Default Re: Rentus Base Speed Run Guide

The spider is possible without an SM, we just popped cooldowns and burnt him down, tank used Nez shield for last ~25%

After Running with random groups, we've decided the best way for the Last Boss is for the tank to Just Taunt, and don't worry about the buffs. the Tank just kites him back and forth, 25m away from the flame. Ranged DPS just stands in the flame and burns the boss.

This means that the ranged DPS can just nuke and not have to worry about moving out of aoe range. Chanter can keep tank up, Cleric can DPS and chuck group heals to counter reflect damage.
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Default Re: Rentus Base Speed Run Guide

Isnt that a normal run? Wouldn't a speed run be just the first and last (eternal) bosses?
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Default Re: Rentus Base Speed Run Guide

You have to do most bosses to get to the last, just showing the fastest and most efficient path.

Does anyone know how to switch characters for forums, it's showing my Elyos one instead of my main.
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Default Re: Rentus Base Speed Run Guide

Originally Posted by ExteelZK - Siel View Post
Does anyone know how to switch characters for forums, it's showing my Elyos one instead of my main.
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Default Re: Rentus Base Speed Run Guide

I was wondering the same thing, mine isnt showing my main. I was referring to gliding from the town area into the last boss area.
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Default Re: Rentus Base Speed Run Guide

Originally Posted by Jambo - Israphel View Post
It worked!

Thx Jambo XD
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Default Re: Rentus Base Speed Run Guide

Apparently the mount can drop from Pagati Tamer Nishaka too, is this true?

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