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Default Steel Rake Cabin

The Treasure box up on the ledge... TWICE now I have gotten a Fabled item as soon as i opened it I could only see orange letters with a green item on top of it and it would close instantly, I have the Fabled hat from doing the repeatable, so ya I ran it MANY times now... Just sucks cause Twice now I lost a Fabled item to a "bugged box". Oh and quite a few time I have gotten green Asmodian Rank 4 Green equipment from it LOL? I am Elyos, but ya everytime there is a Fabled Item it bugged out on me and eventually vanished, one looked like an earring the other looked like plate Pants of the fabled variety. When there is nothing in it I have recieved 700k+, when the fabled item was in it i recieved like 200k.

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